The Frozen Crest

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The Frozen Crest
Act 5
Waypoint No
Uber Regulars Corrupted Harvester
Bosses Sescheron's Destroyer
Adjacent Zones Scosglen
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 135

The Frozen Crest is a dungeon located in Scosglen, home to Sescheron's Destroyer. It is accessible by obtaining the Dúlra Aegis and eleven Conjuring Eyes, transmuting them in the Horadric Cube to create the Reality Piercer, then transmuting the Dúlra Aegis and the Reality Piercer in the Ancient Circle in Scosglen. The Dúlra Aegis is not consumed throughout this process. The Frozen Crest consists of two rooms: an empty first room and a second room where the boss resides. Defeating Sescheron's Destroyer opens a red portal back to Scosglen proper.


The gates of Sescheron, thought to be impregnable, thought capable of outlasting time itself, had guarded the path to the Worldstone for eons; but they've been ripped out by Destruction incarnate. In the ruined city, from profane rites and the blood of the defenders, a new evil was birthed, obliterating the virtuous Sescheron. The destroyer was then chosen to oversee the ranks of Baal's army and now ravages the lands of Scosglen searching for a hidden artifact to eradicate everything in his path. Look for hints in the forest and unveil the buried secret. Find Baal's emissary and slay him, lest all humanity suffer greatly.