Lost City

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Lost City
Act 2
Waypoint Yes
Regulars Carrion Bird
Claw Viper
Fire Tower
Lacuni Javelinier
Lacuni Soldier
Rust Claw
Nightmare Regulars Blade Adder
Fire Drake
Fire Tower
Spectral Assassin
Twilight Elder
Twilight Tribe
Vile Hatchling
Nightmare Elites Yataghan
Guests Demon Imp
Super Uniques Dark Elder
Adjacent Zones Far Oasis
Ancient Tunnels
Valley of Snakes
Area Level
Normal 23
Nightmare 70
Hell 103

The Lost City is a city-like zone in the desert between the Far Oasis and Valley of Snakes. After the players enter it for the first time, a sudden eclipse occurs, the Tainted Sun quest would activate and plunge Sanctuary into a perpetual nightfall until the Tainted Sun Altar in the Claw Viper Temple is destroyed.

A trap door found within the city leads to the Ancient Tunnels, an area not unlike the Sewers beneath Lut Gholein.