World Nexus

From Median-XL
World Nexus
Act 3
Waypoint No
Regulars Witch
Bosses Atanna Khan
Adjacent Zones Kingdom of Shadow
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 125

The World Nexus is a dungeon accessible by finding and talking to the Lost Traveler in the Kingdom of Shadow, where Atanna Khan rests.


The betrayal that condemned Ureh wore also the visage of Juris's daughter, Atanna Khan. The golden city protection was entrusted not only to the fortified high-walls or the sorcerers within, but also to the impervious Mount Nymyr embracing Ureh from the North. It was there where the mage Atanna was positioned during the siege, tasked by her father to guide the scouts of Diablo's legion across a hidden path to the unguarded northern walls. But her too fell victim to the unexpected events of that day. Despite being on Nymyr's pass, she was reached and entangled by the unruly spell's light and violently traversed the Limbo dimension. Atanna was cast in the deepest plane of the esoteric realm, stranded in an endless black mire where the dimensional planes themselves are born: the obscure World Nexus. To climb unhindered between the planes to join her father in Ureh, she entered in an inmost sleep state in which she manifested figments of her psyche in the form of lost travelers, probing possible pathways, and as ethereal projections of herself guarding her slumber.