Heart of Darkness

From Median-XL
Heart of Darkness
Waypoint No
Uber Regulars Moloch (2)
Bosses Samael, Herald of the End (1)
Deimoss, the Fleshweaver (1)
Nithogur, Heart of Tathamet (2)
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 150

The Heart of Darkness is a dungeon accessible through the Charged Riftstone (16), obtainable by transmuting the Nephalem Dimensional Key with an activated Vial of Elder Blood and a Greater Signet of Learning, consuming the latter two items in the process.

Charged Riftstone (16)
Quest Item
Required Level: 145
Right click to open a portal
The Heart of Darkness
Area Level: 150
Difficulty: Impossible

It consists of two levels. The first level, called simply Heart of Darkness, is home to weaker versions of Deimoss, the Fleshweaver and Samael, Herald of the End. Defeating both allows one to open a one-way portal to the second level, called End of Time, home to Nithogur, Heart of Tathamet, the hardest boss battle in Median XL's history.