Spider Forest

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Spider Forest
Act 3
Waypoint Yes
Other NPCs Dark Wanderer
Regulars Arachnid Horror
Fen Stalker
Flesh Beast
Jungle Hunter
Tree Lurker
Elites Bilespewer
Jungle Vigilant
Nightmare Regulars Arthropod
Black Widow
Flesh Beast
Hive Overseer
Jungle Mantis
Stinging Swarm
Nightmare Elites Bloated Host
Guest Elites Black Locusts
Town Kurast Docks
Adjacent Zones Arachnid Lair
Spider Cavern
Flayer Jungle
Great Marsh
Area Level
Normal 29
Nightmare 76
Hell 105

The Spider Forest is the first jungle ara in Act III. It includes the entrances to two dungeons - the Spider Cavern and the Arachnid Lair. The waypoint always appears near one of the two dungeons.

When the player leaves the Kurast Docks for the first time, they will encounter the Dark Wanderer himself. After a short while, the Wanderer disappears in a flash, spawning several Flesh Beasts after vanishing.

The Spider Forest is connected to not one, but two other wilderness areas: the Great Marsh and the Flayer Jungle.