Storm Oasis

From Median-XL
Storm Oasis
Act 2
Waypoint No
Bosses Lesser Riftwalker
Adjacent Zones Harem
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 105

The Storm Oasis is a small dungeon accessible via a red portal in the first level of the Harem. Its only inhabitant is the Lesser Riftwalker.


Amongst the demonic hordes in Jerhyn's Palace a mystifying rift appeared, leading to a garden of ruins consumed by a black abyss and swallowed by sands of gold. Here a creature bearing a wicked gaze set on conquest stands vigil. It brandishes magic that pierces the air with the ferocity of thunders and that shattered Greiz's warriors as they were motes of cinder confronting a tempest. The wise Drognan believes the creature to have come from a plane further astray than even those of Angels and Demons, breaching into Sanctuary by tracing the arcane energies oozing from the forgotten Vizjerei fortress upon which Lut Gholein's foundations lie.