Tran Athulua

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Tran Athulua
Act 2
Waypoint Yes
Guests Cantor
Corrupted Sister
Swamp Scion
Undead Scout
Guest Elites Dreamstealer
Uber Regulars Amazon Warrior
Tree of Fire
Bosses Philios, Priestess of Hefaetrus
Skovos, Priestess of Karcheus
Lycander, Priestess of Zerae
Adjacent Zones Halls of the Dead
Island of Skartara
Area Level
Normal 50
Nightmare no access
Hell 115

Tran Athulua is a rift accessible by killing Kethryes on the third level of the Halls of the Dead in Act II, in Hell difficulty. This location is populated almost exclusively by Amazon Warriors.

This area can also be accessed in Normal difficulty for the Level Challenge by killing Lister the Tormentor in the Throne of Destruction.


The jungle capital of the Amazon nation, Tran Athulua, is almost impossible to take by land or sea. After a humiliating defeat, a band of pirates hired you to assassinate the high priestesses and plunder the treetop city during the confusion.

Drop bias

Increased chance to drop unique items.