Chamber of Offering

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Chamber of Offering
Act 3
Waypoint No
Uber Regulars Diseased Bloodsucker
Infested Growth
Bosses Inquisitor of the Triune
Adjacent Zones Torajan Jungles
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 110

The Chamber of Offering is the home of the Inquisitor of the Triune, accessible through a portal that looks similar to a waypoint located in the Torajan Jungles. Town Portals cannot be opened in this area until the Inquisitor is defeated.


Almost three thousand years after the forces of the Triune and the Edyrem led by Uldyssian clashed, a broken and buried remnants from that cruel time awakened from his slumber. The ancient evil Thonos, invigorated by Mephisto's presence enveloping the Kehjistan region, made his presence known to the Lord of Hatred to renew his servitude. As instructed by his master, countless human sacrifices were offered to the vile tentacle demon while he oversaw old and forbidden rituals with which to forge a new champion for the Prime Evil. The dark pawn was meticulously molded and finally bestowed with the title of Grand Inquisitor of the Triune. Two unwavering pillars to support the unrelenting restoration of the Cult of the Three now stood erect among the ruins of Kurast.