Flayer Dungeon

From Median-XL
Flayer Dungeon
Act 3
Waypoint No
Regulars Flayer
Flayer Shaman
Gray Widow
Sunken Horror
Elites Deep Dweller
Fetish Rocketeer
Guests Hive Mother
Incubating Egg
Twilight Elder
Young Maggot
Guest Elites Yataghan
Super Uniques Witch Doctor Endugu
Adjacent Zones Flayer Jungle
Area Level
Normal 31
Nightmare 79, 79, 80
Hell 105, 105, 106

The Flayer Dungeon is a three-level dungeon located in the Flayer Jungle. The only resident of the final level of this dungeon is Witch Doctor Endugu, a super unique Flayer Shaman who guards a golden chest with Khalim's Heart inside.