Maggot Lair

From Median-XL
Maggot Lair
Act 2
Waypoint No
Regulars Carrion Worm
Desert Scarab
Gestating Lamprey
Lamprey Egg
Lamprey Young
Sand Maggot
Sand Maggot Hatchling
Stinging Swarm
Vampire Bat
Elites Black Locusts
Nightmare Regulars Desert Scarab
Gorged Aphid
Hive Drone
Hive Mother
Hive Overseer
Incubating Egg
Stinging Swarm
Young Maggot
Nightmare Elites Mindleech
Guests Vermin Butcher
Uber Regulars Crippling Swarm
Moon Arachnid
Super Uniques Warmaggot the Mad
Adjacent Zones Far Oasis
Area Level
Normal 22, 22, 23
Nightmare 70
Hell 103

The Maggot Lair is three-level dungeon found in the Far Oasis. At the end of the tunnel network, one can find Warmaggot the Mad, a Sand Maggot of abnormally large size, guarding a chest containing the Staff of Kings, a component of the Horadric Staff.