From Median-XL
Act 5
Waypoint No
Uber Regulars Howling Spirit
Bosses Dark Star Dragon
Adjacent Zones Fauztinville
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 125

Bremmtown, also known as Old Bremmtown, is a dungeon accessible through a portal in the northeastern corner of Fauztinville. It is populated exclusively by Howling Spirits, except for the boss, the Dark Star Dragon, whose charm upgrade is only available if it's killed within 90 seconds after entering Bremmtown and without dying.


17,938 years after the the Fauz-Tin Clan's extermination brought mankind closer to demonkind, humanity bled into nothingness like a flickering candle held against oblivion. Where the proud Fauztinville once stood now lies Bremmtown, the last colony during the fading of civilization. Inarius, eons prior, attuned the Worldstone to endlessly wane the nephalem's might with each generation, giving rise across time to humanity. In this reality, a Blood Mages Clan of Bartuc's lineage was able to avert the Worldstone's corruption and consequent destruction, unknowingly sealing men's nature to the relentless chains forged by the rogue angel. Several millennia later, armed with scraps of knowledge, the fragile descendants of those once known as Necromancers felt to haven't yet outlived their usefulness... They attempted to save their kin and reunite with the departed by fracturing the veil severing the Spirit Realm from the mortal plane, but were no longer able to deter the dark forces lurking beyond. Sanctuary turned into a womb of enmity and decay and, as with the creation of the ancient guardian Trag'Oul, champion of Balance, a new guardian for the new world was conceived, the Dark Star Dragon, champion of Blight.