Proving Grounds

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Proving Grounds
Region No
Act 3
Uber Regulars Fetish Spirit
Super Uniques Architect
Bosses Death Projector
Adjacent Zones Swampy Pit
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 105, 121

The Proving Grounds is an endgame dungeon accessible from the second floor of the Swampy Pit, an optional dungeon located in the Flayer Jungle. It is home to the boss Death Projector, which drops the Laser Focus Crystal.

The Proving Grounds has a Heroic version accessible by transmuting the Laser Focus Crystal in the Horadric Cube after reaching level 121, then transmuting it with a Thal Rune, consuming the latter to create two Scrolls of Summoning, which opens a red portal to the dungeon each when consumed.

File:Scroll of Identify.png
Scroll of Summoning
Required Level: 121
Death Projector (Heroic)

The standard version (not the Heroic one) of the Proving Grounds also has a red portal leading to Vizjun. To use it, the character must be at least level 125.


The Swampy Pit serves as testing grounds for Mephisto's latest siege weapon. The Death Projector slowly rotates, firing a devastating energy beam in a full circle, annihilating anything in its path.