Corrupted Abbey

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Corrupted Abbey
Act 1
Waypoint No
Guests Corpse Devourer
Desecrator Knight
Guest Elites Thunderbolt
Uber Regulars Necromorb

Slain Soul

Super Uniques Bonehexer
Bosses Assur
Adjacent Zones Duncraig
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 120
[[File:Corrupted Abbey_Map.png|256px]]

The Corrupted Abbey is a Nephalem Rift located in the city of Duncraig which dominates the city's eastern half. On Hell difficulty, it is notable for being the source of Assur's Bane, a unique ring that provides Purify, a required skill when facing certain uberbosses.

Points of interest

Spread around the Corrupted Abbey are the five lieutenants of Assur: Skinrender, Spinecracker, Eyegouger, Fleshcutter and Bonehexer. On Destruction difficulty, each drops his own demon seal, while the normal Slain Souls and Necromorbs have a chance to drop the unique Ring of the Five. This ring can be cubed with the five seals to create Assur's Bane, the sole source of the skill Purify, which is required to deal damage to certain uberbosses, including Assur, the boss of the Corrupted Abbey itself.

Drop bias

Increased chance to drop sacred items.