Dimensional Labyrinth

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Dimensional Labyrinth
Waypoint No
Uber Regulars Fractured Being
Twisted Sire
Twisted Spriggan
Void Maw
Warped Master
Warped Reaver
Sapphire Knight
Twisted Morlu
Twisted Necrobot
Bosses Corrupted Amazon (2-5)
Corrupted Assassin (2-5)
Corrupted Barbarian (2-5)
Corrupted Necromancer (2-5)
Gharbad the Weak (2-5)
Navigator (2-5)
Phoboss, Nephalem's Bane (6-10)
Unstable Anomaly (6-10)
Azmodan, Lord of Sin
Quov Tsin
Kabraxis, the Thief of Hope
Atanna Khan
Archbishop Lazarus
Adjacent Zones Twisted Sanctum
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 126-135

The Dimensional Labyrinth is a rift consisting of 10 levels. The entrance to the first level is opened by consuming a Charged Riftstone, which can be obtained by transmuting an Arcane Crystal and a Depleted Riftstone (1), dropped by the Ascendant Riftwalker, in the Horadric Cube.

Unlike in most multi-level areas, levels in the Dimensional Labyrinth are not directly connected to each other. Instead, all monsters has a small chance to drop a Depleted Riftstone corresponding to the next level (except the Navigator, who is guaranteed to do so), which can be transmuted with an Arcane Crystal to create a Charged Riftstone that will open the way to that level; starting from level 7, monsters also have a chance to drop Riftstones (6). As the player ventures farther into the Dimensional Labyrinth, monsters become stronger and gain unique modifiers. Hidden in the tenth level is the entrance to the Dimensional Place, which leads to the Twisted Sanctum of the Labyrinth's mistress, Deimoss, the Fleshweaver.

The Dimensional Labyrinth is the only source of Occult Effigies and Mystic Dyes.

A Charged Riftstone can be transmuted again to show more information on the difficulty of that level. For example rifts 9 and 10 both add 100 elemental peirce to monsters, requiring players to have 260 flat magic resistance over cap to reach max resistances.

90 max to Fire Light and Cold, are reccomended for all Labs. With more than 90 and 260 cold being required for Phoboss who reduces them.


Outside the order of the Mortal Realm, in the midst of a boundless sea of raging darkness, the maddening chambers of the Dimensional Labyrinth rest beyond reality. Riftstones, bleeding from this strange dimension, have started to appear across Sanctuary and can be used by arcanists to cross the unfathomable divide. Some interpreted this as a benevolent invitation, others as keys to the Heavens' gates; but many of the travelers never came back whilst the few who did still shrivel in horror, with fractured psyches unable to unravel what lies on the other side. Find the means to access this realm and journey through the linked dimensions, you must find an answer for this cryptic menace.