From Median-XL
Act 3
Waypoint No
Guests Noxious Viper
Vile Hatchling
Guest Elites Steel Serpent
Uber Regulars Umbaru Spirit
Bosses Zagraal's Shadow
Adjacent Zones Torajan Cemetery
Mbwiru Eikura
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 120

Teganze is a Nephalem Rift accessible from the Torajan Cemetery in Act III. It is a vast jungle populated by various types of Umbaru Spirits, and is notable for being the only source of Runestones and Elemental Essences, which are components to craft elemental runes, on Hell difficulty.


The Unformed Land, or Mbwiru Eikura, is the spirit realm that only the Umbaru Witch Doctors can see, through rituals. According to their beliefs, the mortal realm is only a veiled reality of the Unformed Land. They have ritual tribal wars in which they take human sacrifices, only the ones fallen in battle, to be worthy of sacrifice to the gods. The sacrifices are centered upon the life force that flows from the gods that inhabit the Unformed Land to the lesser physical realm that the mortals inhabit.

Points of interest

The boss of the level, Zagraal's Shadow, guards the portal that leads to Mbwiru Eikura. Zagraal drops the Umbaru Treasure, a charm that can to be upgraded with Elemental Essences, and has a higher chance to drop Elemental Essences and Runestones.