Library of Fate

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Library of Fate
Act 4
Waypoint No
Guests Moon Wailer
Guest Elites Heretic
High Priestess
Uber Regulars Ethereal
Zakarum's Avatar
Imperius' Wrath (Heroic)
Ithereal's Vanguard (Heroic
Town Silver City
Adjacent Zones Cathedral of Vanity
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 115, 125, 130

The Library of Fate is the main part of the High Heavens rift complex, located past the Silver City. Seven Zakarum's Avatar minibosses make their home here, and have a chance to drop the charm Zakarum's Ear. The portal to the Cathedral of Vanity is found in the Library of Fate.

The Library of Fate has two Heroic versions, accessible by transmuting a Zakarum's Ear with a Perfect Gem or two Angelic Items to create a Scroll of Summoning for level 125 and 130 respectively. The Zakarum's Ear is not consumed by the recipe.

File:Scroll of Identify.png
Scroll of Summoning
Quest Item
Required Level: 120
Library of Fate (Heroic)
Area Level: 125
File:Scroll of Identify.png
Scroll of Summoning
Quest Item
Required Level: 125
Library of Fate (Heroic)
Area Level: 130
+25% Angelic Item drops
Monster modifiers:
+10% Density
+20% Movement Speed
+25% Magic Resist
+50% Leech Resist


The wound elicited by Izual's betrayal was much more profound than what Tyrael's speculations led to believe. The fallen angel, exploiting his knowledge of the High Heavens, had indeed managed to temporarily bridge his former birthplace with the Burning Hells itself, allowing for Diablo's demonic corruption to silently seep in. The lingering angelic spirits were tainted and subverted into avatars of evil, relentlessly spawning ethereal manifestations of their depraved nature, and the golden pillars adorning the halls were twisted into deadly totems spewing poison bolts. The Silver Spires have been quickly flooded by the ethereal presences and the Silver City seems to have remained the only pristine location. But for how long?

Drop bias

Increased chance to drop rare items. The Heroic Library of Fate is the only source of Angelic items and the Soulforge.