Mbwiru Eikura

From Median-XL
Mbwiru Eikura
Act 3
Waypoint No
Regulars Citizen

Sewer Rat

Bosses Spirit of Giyua
Adjacent Zones Teganze
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 125

Mbwiru Eikura, also known as the Spirit World, is an uberlevel acessible through a portal at the centre of Teganze, guarded by Terul. It is a small dungeon, consisting only of the Spirit of Giyua and his summoned minions.


Mbwiru Eikura, also know as the Spirit World, is the central tenet of the Umbaru's belief system. They believe that the mortal realm is simply an illusion which covers the true reality that is the Spirit World. It is from here that the Umbaru draw their dark powers. Trapped in this reality one might find Zorun Tzin, a powerful mage from Khejan, who was sent to discover more about the Edyrem and their powers. He grew envious of them for having these immense powers from birth, as opposed to him having to study a lifetime to acquire them. He wanted to get hold of Uldyssian, the Edyrem leader, so he ambushed a caravan Uldyssian traveled with, capturing him. Before he could thoroughly interrogate him, his servant the giant Terul, possessed by Malic, tried to control Uldyissian. Ultimately Uldyssian defeated Terul, and the now hostless spirit of Malic, facing obliteration, possessed Zorun Tzin trapping him in the Spirit World.