Kurast 3000 BA

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Kurast 3000 BA

Kurast 3000 BA is a Nephalem Rift accessible via a portal located in the Torajan Jungles. It is populated by all kinds of skeletons and totems which cause all other enemies to take half damage.

On Nightmare difficulty, the Ennead Challenge takes place in this location, which is instead accessible by killing Mephisto in the Durance of Hate. The goal is to obtain the character's Class Charm. First of all, a Heroic Torch Heroic Torch must be obtained by killing an Ennead Necromancer. Then, the torch must be transmuted into the Horadric Cube to create the class charm.


This area is a recreation of the city of Kurast located at the Kehjistani frontier, 3000 years before the birth of the prophet Akarat and during the Mage Clan Wars between the Ennead, Annuit and Vizjerei clans. Kurast, a neutral town allied with the Taan, was seized by the Ennead and used as a necromantic military outpost. Can you destroy the magical fortifications and liberate the town?