City of the Damned

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City of the Damned
Act 4
Waypoint Yes
Regulars Condemned
Deathfire Bearer
Derelict Marksman
Fallen Hero
Frozen Warlock
Maw Fiend
Reignited Mage
Toxic Temptress
Voltaic Sorcerer
Nightmare Regulars Damned Archer
Eternal Prisoner
Flesh Harvester
Maw Fiend
Nightmare Elites Soul Reaver
Guests Malevolent Spirit
Guest Elites Soulless Husk
Adjacent Zones Plains of Despair
River of Flame
Area Level
Normal 38
Nightmare 87
Hell 107

The City of the Damned is a dark and ruined city found within Act IV. It can be accessed through a passageway in the Plains of Despair. The waypoint for this location is always found close to the stairs leading down to the River of Flame.