Halls of Pain

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Halls of Pain
Act 5
Waypoint Yes
Regulars Failed Experiment
Fallen Clansman
Frozen Warlock
Knight of War
Rotten Knight
Voltaic Sorcerer
Elites Necromancer Apprentice
Soulless Husk
Nightmare Regulars Damned Archer
Failed Experiment
Risen Warrior
Rotted Husk
Wasting One
Nightmare Elites Ancient Vampire
Necromancer Apprentice
Risen Warlord
Adjacent Zones Halls of Anguish
Halls of Vaught
Area Level
Normal 45
Nightmare 96
Hell 109

The Halls of Pain is a the middle level of the dungeon under Nihlathak's Temple. This area contains a waypoint, which will cause Anya's red portal to disappear once activated. The area's exit leads into the Halls of Vaught.