From Median-XL
Act 5
Waypoint No
Guests Cow Honcho
Cow Soldier
Sapphire Knight
Vile Hatchling
Guest Elites Alpha Centaur
Steel Serpent
Uber Regulars Blight's Hierarch
Concealed Smiter
Super Uniques Alpha
Adjacent Zones Bremmtown
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 125

Fauztinville is a Nephalem Rift accessible by getting the Black Road charm (dropped by Buyard Cholik in the Church of Dien-Ap-Sten) and transmuting it with the five Great Gems dropped by the elemental bosses in the Path to Enlightenment. This only has to be done once; afterwards, right-clicking on the Black Road will create a red portal to Fauztinville. Fauztinville is the only source of three types of Great Runes and also contains a portal to Bremmtown.


In this parallel dimension a few lesser Mage Clans such as the Harakas, the Behistun and the Sarandesh, survived the Sin War's onslaught, established the wondrous city of Fauztinville and prospered during the "Age of Magic" united under the Fauz-Tin Clan's banner. Centuries after, the adjacent Kehjistan Empire grew conspicuously uneasy of the Fauz-Tin's prominence, and ordered the most renowned Mage Clan inhabiting their lands, the Vizjerei, to make preparation for war. Tells of Fauztinville's might were enough to settle all of the Vizjerei's internal divisions, and leadership was handed over to the warlord Bartuc who promptly made plans for a preemptive assault. With the help of his powerful brother Horazon, Bartuc rose a vast army of vile golems known as Necrobots, and, once cloaked by the night, marched relentlessly with his metal pawns to the end of the board. Order to commence the assault was issued and the city prestige did nothing to blunt its unspeakable demise... the Fauz-Tin's hegemony didn't go uncontested. The cursed Fauztinville's ruins were deemed too dreadful to even be annexed to the Empire's territory, and place worthy of the Burning Hells was forever embedded into Sanctuary.

Points of interest

The bosses of Fauztinville are the five robots Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon, located in various back alleys and hidden passages of the city. One of the bosses requires a teleportation ability (like Blink or Jitan's Gate) to access.

Drop bias

Increased chance to drop runes and shrines.