From Median-XL
Act 3
Waypoint Yes
Uber Regulars Accursed Demihuman

Augmented Inquisitor
Demonflesh Surrogate
Vorpal Elytron

Bosses Master Control System
Adjacent Zones Proving Grounds
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 125

Vizjun is a Nephalem Rift located in the Proving Grounds in Act III. It connects to Genesis, the home of Archbishop Lazarus.


In a universe of divine evils and mortal corruption, can knowledge damn a soul? The Viz-Jaq'Taar sought an answer in their mechanised city of Vizjun, rebuilt from its ruins after the Mage Clan Wars. Its techsmiths conceived the Master Control System as the incorruptible overseer of the Mageslayers' Order, upholder of their doctrine. However, on its conception, Vizjun plunged in turmoil. All of the Order's devices were transfigured, becoming of flesh, yet also machine. Soon the city fell silent, and a thunderous voice's echo erupted: "I am flesh and I am impure. I am choice and I am tyranny. I am the scion in your image."

Points of interest

Vizjun's automated defences will periodically deploy additional robots, chaingun sentries, minefields and nuclear MIRV strikes when players enter the protected zone. The Master Control System, boss of the dungeon, can be found in the southeastern corner.