Kingdom of Shadow

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Kingdom of Shadow
Act 3
Waypoint No
Regulars Citizen
Mazi's Eidolon
Bosses Juris Khan, King of Ureh
Adjacent Zones Vizjerei Temple
World Nexus
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 120
File:Kingdom of Shadow Map.jpg

The Kingdom of Shadow is a dungeon accessible through the red portal at the end of the Vizjerei Temple. The distinctive feature of this area is that almost all monsters there are untargetable and unkillable, except the occasional Darkwarden or Mazi's Eidolon. It contains a red portal that leads to the World Nexus.


The mythical city of Ureh, where Diablo took the form of an angel and deceived the city wizards, tricking them into casting a spell that doomed the city. Ureh and everyone within are now trapped between the mortal plane and the Burning Hells, appearing in this world only once every two thousand years, when the shadow of Mount Nymyr falls upon the ruins. Be there.