From Median-XL
Act 3
Waypoint No
Regulars Black Hand Totem
Bosses Archbishop Lazarus
Adjacent Zones Vizjun
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 130

Genesis is a small uberlevel accessible through a portal in Vizjun. It is the home of the boss Archbishop Lazarus and his Groupie minions.


There are many religions in Sanctuary. Although they all tell very different stories, loremasters agree that since most of them seem to be effective and enable their faithful to work miracles, there has to be a common truth between them. One particular element found in most religions is the creation of the world by a God or other deity, whether it be Anu, the Earthfather and Skymother or even Tiarna Dulra. Some even believe that the world as we know it was shaped by an individual human on another plane, one 'Archbishop Lazarus' with a calculation engine powered by lightning. According to this cult, when humanity complains too much about the difficult living conditions in Sanctuary and the scarcity of divine weaponry, he may send his avatar to the mortal plane to deal with those who annoy him in person...