Island of Skartara

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Island of Skartara
Act 2
Waypoint No
Uber Regulars Pirate of the Twin Seas
Bosses Athulua, the Amazonian Goddess
Adjacent Zones Tran Athulua
Mirror Temple
Maggot Passage
Area Level
Normal no access
Nightmare no access
Hell 120

The Island of Skartara is an area north of Tran Athulua populated by Pirates of the Twin Seas that contains entrances to the Wretched Sands and the seven Mirror Temples. The Askari Scroll, which summons Athulua, the Amazonian Goddess, can only be used here.

File:Scroll of Identify.png
Askari Call
Quest Item
Required Level: 100
Summon Athulua, the Amazonian Goddess
Location: Island of Skartara (Heart)