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27 April 2024

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  • curprev 12:1212:12, 27 April 2024Nugwa talk contribs 8,395 bytes +8,395 Created page with "Median XL Wiki EXPLORE CHARACTERS ITEMS QUESTS MISC EDIT PAGE Secret Items ADVANCED === Samael Items === Theses are dropped from Samael, Herald of the End and must be unlocked with an Iah Rune, Yham Rune, and 3 Greater signets of learning. {| class="va-table va-table-center sortable" style="width: 600px;" !Image !Level !Type !Item |- | style="width: 10%;"|File:Desolation.gif | style="width: 5%;"|121 | style="width: 15%;"|Voidsworn Bow | style="width:..."