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For a list of skill procs, such as those on striking, death blow, etc., please see the procs page.

Skill Type Relic Found on
APF-20 'Maelstrom' MKI Weapon Damage Icebird, Thrillseeker, In For The Kill, Amazon Javelins
Ancients' Hand Weapon Damage Galeona's Lash, The Grandfather, Tundra Walker, Barbarian Swords, Barbarian One-Handed Axes, Barbarian Helms, Necromancer Daggers
Arrow Weapon Damage Valkyrie's Prime, Etrayu, Horned Hunter, Peace Warder, Faerie Pyre, Apeshoot, Fire, Caoi Dulra, Azgar's Mark, Asgardsreia, Bag of Tricks, Natha, Warbringer, Locust Hive, Nymph's Grace, Albrecht's Revenge, The Crucifier, Bows, Elemental Ranged Weapons
Arrow Swarm Weapon Damage Deadly Hunter, Hornet, Relic (Arrow Swarm), Bows, Arrow Quivers
ATMG Sentry Weapon Damage Steel Punisher, Shamo, Sawfish, Battle Devices, Assassin Claws, Assassin Shields, Necromancer Crossbows Weapons
Azure Orb Weapon Damage Azurewrath
Barrage Weapon Damage Stormstrike, Ratbane, Thorn Branch, Druid Bows
Bladestorm Weapon Damage Marchosias' Essence, Marchosias' Evil Grin, Marchosias' Hatred, Marchosias' Might, Marchosias' Anger, Scirocco, One-Handed Swords, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Bolt Weapon Damage Larzuk's Bandolier, Manticore Sting, Advent of Hatred, Scosglen's Myths
Broadside Weapon Damage Assassin Naginatas
Carnage Weapon Damage The Book of Kalen
Cascade Weapon Damage Zephyr, Cernunnos
Catapult Shot Weapon Damage Bone Dart
Cautious Strike Weapon Damage Nasrudin, Barbarian Swords, Barbarian One-Handed Axes
Charged Strike Weapon Damage Guardian of Scosglen, Saber of the Stormsail, Mente Scura, The Endless Loop, Akarat's Trek, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons Elemental Ranged Weapons, Amulets
Cherubim Weapon Damage Angelhost, Zohar
Claw Tornado Weapon Damage Werecat, Nimmenjuushin, Black Razor, Windforce, Dervish of Aranoch, Melee Weapons, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Corrupted Vines Weapon Damage Void-Touched, Acokanthera
Crucify Weapon Damage The Captain, Shadowsabre, Blind Anger, Dirge, Chthon, Witchhunter's Attire, Rathma's Empire, Bonefiend, Arihan's End, Visegrip
Death Shards Weapon Damage Barbarian Helms, Assassin Shields, Assassin Claws, Amazon Helms
Death Star Weapon Damage Assassin Claws, Assassin Shields, Barbarian Helms, Amazon Helms
Deathgaze Weapon Damage Brainhack, Cleaver of Mirrors, Boarfrost
Deathstrike Weapon Damage Testament of the Apes The Snake Pit, Necromancer Crossbows, Druid Bows Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes Bows, Crossbows, Elemental Ranged Weapons
Disco Inferno Weapon Damage Eternal
Devastation Weapon Damage Giyua's Grace, Crescent Moon
Divine Judgement Weapon Damage Zerae's Divinity
Earthquake Weapon Damage Hellreaper, Paladin Hammers, Paladin Maces, Paladin Clubs, Paladin Spears
Egg Trap Weapon Damage Strixclaw
Feral Strike Weapon Damage (Relic Only)
Flameburst Shot Weapon Damage (Relic Only)
Flametail Shot Weapon Damage Wicked Torch, Hwanin's Hwacha, Nymyr's Shadow, Crossbows
Flurry of Javelins Weapon Damage Mooncurse, Lancea, Javelins
Fortress Weapon Damage Luminescence, Frysturgard, Victory, Sudis Murale, Banner of Duncraig
Fowl Flight Weapon Damage Dementia, Rodeo's Hide
Fusillade Weapon Damage (Relic Only)
Gorefest Weapon Damage Weapons, Gloves, Body Armors
Great Hunt Weapon Damage Stormchaser
Guard Tower Weapon Damage The Pride of Caldeum, Helepolis, Jitan's Kamon, Chargebreaker, Rathma's Tyranny, Barbarian Shields
Guided Chain Weapon Damage Arrow Quivvers
Hammer of Zerae Weapon Damage (Relic Only)
Hammertime Weapon Damage The Flying Anvil, Akarat's Trek, Stormhammer, Melee Weapons, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Hawk Talons Weapon Damage Throwing Axes, Barbarian Helms, Belts
Heartseeker Weapon Damage Fleshstinger, Zephyr
Iceburst Weapon Damage Cleaver of Mirrors, Tundra Walker
Impale Weapon Damage (Relic Only)
Javelin Weapon Damage Demon's Flight, Titan's Revenge, Danmaku, Bag of Tricks, Celestia's Myth, Javelins
Javelin Nova Weapon Damage Screaming Serpent, Storm Blade, Danmaku, Lethal Huntress, Askari Device, Vasily's Following, Heart of Skovos, Body Armors, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Knife Throw Weapon Damage Ironsleet, Piranha Swarm, Knight's Grace, Bag of Tricks, Tracker's Strike Creed, Throwing Knives, Bows, Crossbows, Elemental Ranged Weapons
Laughing Ghost Weapon Damage Faerie Pyre
Medusa Weapon Damage Atlacamani
Noctule Weapon Damage Ravenflock
Nova Shot Weapon Damage Achilios' Sledgehammer
OHMAN Weapon Damage (Relic Only)
Overkill Weapon Damage Madawc Val Narian
Parasite Weapon Damage (Relic Only)
Patriot Sentry Weapon Damage (Relic Only)
Phalanx Weapon Damage Herald of Skartara, Bows
Pounce Weapon Damage Storm Blade
Queen of Blades Weapon Damage (Relic Only)
Raid Weapon Damage Reaper's Hand
Rebound Weapon Damage Griefbringer, Madawc Val Narian
Rend Weapon Damage The King of Ents, Mad King's Spine, Greenwalker's Charge The Coming Storm
Retaliate Weapon Damage Malleus Maleficarum, The Defender
Sandstorm Weapon Damage Amazon Spears, Sorceress Crystal Swords, Paladin Clubs, Paladin Maces
Silver Dart Weapon Damage Testament of the Apes, Crossbows, Necromancer Crossbows
Sky Siege Weapon Damage Valkyrie's Prime
Shadow Blade Weapon Damage Hexward, Signet of the Gladiator, Throwing Knives
Shatterblade Weapon Damage Penumbra, The Xiphos
Stormpike Weapon Damage Zular Khan's Tempest, Devil's Dance, Zerae's Divinity, Stormshaper's Gift
Rock Shock Weapon Damage Hellmouth
Shockwave Weapon Damage Earth Rouser, Scirocco, Headsman, Zakarum Stoning Rock, Gathering of the Tribes, Durandal the Blazing Sword
Shower of Rocks Weapon Damage Hephasto's Reaver, Metalhead, Plagued Mallet, Hail, Intifada, Vasily's Following, Carsomyr, Typhoon, Craton, Deadfall, Titan's Burden, Paladin Hammers, Paladin Clubs, Paladin Maces, Weapons
Shunpo Weapon Damage Jaguar's Grasp, Assassin Naginatas, Paladin Spears
Soulshatter Weapon Damage Lemuria, The Offering
Spike Nova Weapon Damage Scirocco, Qarak's Will, Stake Driver, Dark Nemesis, Razorspine, Hive, Achilios' Wake, Cauldron, Jared's Fragmentor, Bul Kathos' Teaching, King of the Dreadlands, Lord of Thorns, Death Spur, Helms, Melee Weapons
Spike Rush Weapon Damage Iron Shard
Spiral Dance Weapon Damage Horned Hunter, Kaskara of the Taan, Ord Rekar's Testament, The Mysteries, Hammerfist Sorceress Crystal Swords, Sorceress Body Armors, Paladin Clubs, Paladin Maces Melee Weapons, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Split Arrow Weapon Damage Fleshstinger
Squall Wave Weapon Damage Saber of the Stormsail
Stampede Weapon Damage (Relic Only)
Storm Crows Weapon Damage Rainbow Fury
Stormblast Weapon Damage Gjallarhorn, Thunder King of Sescheron, Yaggai's Sagaris, Metalhead, Titanomachia, Celestia's Myth, Tundra Walker, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons Gloves, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Sun Strike Weapon Damage Signal Fire, Athulua's Wrath, Ranger's Disguise, Elemental Ranged Weapons Arrow Quivers, Crossbow Quivers
Takedown Weapon Damage (Relic Only)
Tantrum Weapon Damage Blitzen, Amok, The Black Dame, Bows, Crossbows, Arrow Quivers, Crossbow Quivers
Thunder Hammer Weapon Damage Gjallarhorn, Mjolner, Lightforge, Akarat's Trek, In For The Kill, Judge, Battle Devices, Legio Di Manes, Legionnaire
Thunder Hammer Nova Weapon Damage Legio Di Manes, Malleus Maleficarum, Malleus Maleficarum, Hammerfall, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Thunder Slam Weapon Damage The Doom Gong of Xiansai, Raptor, Roc, Faithshaker Mount Arreat, Testament of the Apes, Druid Helms
Thunder Wave Weapon Damage Akarat's Trek, Stonefist, Maces, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Time Strike Weapon Damage Mirage, Augur's Pelt, Tylwulf's Betrayal, Segnitia, Scales of the Serpent, Lilith's Temptation, Dyers Eve, Pantheon, Marchosias' Evil Grin, Inarius' Rock, Timefather, Kronos, Warpath, Pollice Verso, Cold Fusion Schematics Weapons
Time Wave Weapon Damage Amanita Tylwulf's Betrayal, Hammers, Maces, Barbarian Two-Handed Axes, Barbarian Helms
Trinity Arrow Weapon Damage (Relic Only)
Twisted Claw Weapon Damage Typhoon
Ultimate Chaos Weapon Damage Desolation
Windform Weapon Damage Hammer of Jholm, Scirocco
Whirlpool Weapon Damage Leather of Aut, Black Ice, One-Handed Axes, Maces, Hammers, Body Armors, Helms, Barbarian Shields
Whirlwind Weapon Damage (Relic Only)
Widowmaker Weapon Damage Ranger's Disguise, In For The Kill, Malleus Maleficarum, Crossbows, Elemental Ranged Weapons
Wyrmshot Weapon Damage Athulua's Blessing
Wychwind Weapon Damage (Relic Only)
Wyrd Weapon Damage The Overlord, Rings
Trinity Beam Tri-Elemental Wizardspike, Vizjerei Fury
Trinity Nova Tri-Elemental Pantheon
Apocalypse Fire Hammer Of Jholm, Stygian Fury, Ensi, The Demon Core, Boots, Scepters, Gloves, Infernal Ichor
Annihilation Fire Ignis Demonia
Bloodstar Fire Ljosalf, Bows, Throwing Weapons, Elemental Ranged Weapons
Bloodstorm Fire Assassin Shields, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Blood Thorns Fire In Fero Salva, Mark Of The Que-Hegan
Brimstone Fire Scepters, Paladin Helms, Circlets Melee Weapons
Cataclysm Fire Demonic Touch, Hellrain, Cerberus
Cluster Bomb Fire Runeshatter, Alchemist Apron
Eldritch Storm Fire Crimson Dream
Ember Spirit Fire Fawkes, Astral Blade, Weapons Weapons
Fire Cascade Fire The Warmage Gloves, Boots Helms
Fire Cannonade Fire Holy Wars, Obedience, Blazing Armament, Reapers, Relic (Fire Elementals) (On Death)
Fire Fountain Fire Geleb's Greed
Fireheart Totem Fire (Relic Only)
Fire Bolt Nova Fire Danmaku
Fire Splash Fire Archon's Wrath, Kali, Wasp Sting
Flamefront Fire Breath Of Fire, Hellreach, Habacalva's Legacy, Burning Contagion, Tonatiuh, Nor Tiraj's Flaming Sphere, Ravenbeak, The Magister, Embershot, Na-Krul's Spine, Salamander's Breath, Drake Cigar, Auto Da Fe, Lanterne Rouge, Catechumen, Cindercone, Hanabigami, Weapons Weapons
Flamestrike Fire The Pyre, Habacalva's Legacy, Ice Breaker, Malthael's Sanctuary, Melee Weapons, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Funeral Pyre Fire Stygian Fury, Daggers
Immolation Bomb Fire Taqiyya
Lava Pit Fire Crimson Dream, The Redeemer, Skullhammer, Amulets, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Meteor Shower Fire The Nutcracker, Azgar's Mark, Stardust
Path Of Flames Fire Elemental Band, Fuse, Curse Of The Zakarum
Pentagram Fire Heart Of Fire, Aurumvorax, Hepsheeba's Mantle, Veil Of The Tainted Sun, Scorched Earth, Sarandeshi Hellcaller, Qarak's Will, Scepters
Phoenix Wave Fire Bartuc's Curse, Assassin Claws, Staves, Amazon Shields
Powder Keg Fire Alchemist Apron, Fawkes, Apehand, Helms
Pyroblast Fire Heart Of Fire, Habacalva's Legacy, Strength Beyond Strength, Geleb's Greed, Apostasy, Styx
Rain Of Fire Fire Hellrain, Kingsport's Signals
Ravenous Flames Fire Soul Reaver
Ring Of Light Fire Staves, Necromancer Wands, Paladin Shields
Ring Of Flames Fire Herfjotur
Seal Of Fire Fire Dragon Tail (On Melee Attack), Kali, Black Cat
Searing Glow Fire Paladin Shields, Amazon Shields, Necromancer Staves, Druid Helms, Melee Weapons
Solar Flare Fire (Relic Only)
Wildfire Fire Elder Law
Wrath Fire Dragon's Blood, Feardrinker
Abyss Cold Banshee, Starkiller (On Kill)
Avalanche Cold Spire Of Sarnakyle, E✓ Of Septumos
Blizzard Cold Blood, Aeterna, Buriza-Do Kyanon
Churel Cold Sorceress Orbs, Paladin Helms, Paladin Shields, Sorceress Body Armors
Cone Of Cold Cold (Relic Only)
Cryo Beam Cold The Flying Saucer, Arrow Quivers, Crossbow Quivers
Frigid Nova Cold Hand Of Frost, Helms
Frostclaw Totem Cold (Relic Only)
Frostfire Wave Cold Ghoul
Frozen Crown Cold Gehenna, Apostasy
Frozen Orb Cold Wintry Majesty, Wintertide
Frozen Heart Cold (Relic Only)
Frozen Soul Cold Bows, Throwing Weapons
Glacial Nova Cold Frostneedle, Wintry Majesty, Absolute Zero, Frysturgard, Adamantine Guard, Eternal Vigil, Anthem De Frost (On Melee Attack), Sea Summoner (On Melee Attack), Iceshell (When Attacked), Toorc's Gift (On Melee Attack), Druid Staves, Druid Helms, Sorceress Body Armors, Sorceress Orbs, Sorceress Crystal Swords, Belts
Hailstorm Cold Bona Dea, Malthael's Sanctuary, Amulets, Paladin Spears
Hunting Banshee Cold Moonfang, Darkfeast, Rusalka, Glacier, Spellgrip (On Melee Attack), Astral Blade, Talon's Reach (On Kill), The Wailing Wall (On Melee Attack), Shields
Ice Bolt Nova Cold Boarfrost, Iceshell (On Melee Attack), Sorceress Orbs, Sorceress Body Armors
Ice Lance Cold Chillstring, Coldhunger, Frostbringer (On Melee Attack), Icehunter's Fang (On Melee Attack), Hanabigami (On Kill), Belts, Boots
Lemures Cold In Fero Salva
Limpet Laser Cold Gold Digger, Assassin Claws, Assassin Shields
Rune Of Ice Cold Zann Esu's Binding Circle
Shatter The Flesh Cold Icepick, Cold Blood
Voidstar Cold Despondence
Winter Avatar Cold Frostneedle, Shiverhood, Addertongue
Chaotic Spark Lightning Sorceress Body Armors, Paladin Helms
Electrobolt Lightning Bona Dea
Flash Lightning Cumulonimbus, The Magister, Fren Slairea, Barbarian Helms, Paladin Helms
Forked Lightning Lightning Shock And Awe, Stormflyer, Bul Kathos' Temper, Judge, Skyguard, Hanabigami (On Kill)
Holy Shock Lightning Dream
Lightning Arena Lightning Elemental Band, Amulets
Lightning Fury Lightning Thunderstorm
Lightning Streak Lightning Nature's Orphan, Manta
Lightning Wall Lightning Apefoot, Staves
Mind Flay Lightning Astreon's Citadel, Melee Weapons
Nova Bomb Lightning Klaatu Barada Nikto, Taqiyya, Assassin Claws, Assassin Shields
Nova Lightning Hammer Of Jholm
Nova Charge Lightning Stormchaser, Elemental Band, Fiacla-Gear's Weathervane, Lone Wolf's Path, Elemental Weapons
Slayer Lightning Astreon's Citadel, Staff Of Shadows
Stormcall Lightning Paladin Shields
Stormclash Lightning Aerin Nexus, Nor Tiraj's Wisdom, Impundulu, Forest Defender, Staves, Necromancer Wands, Scepters
Stormeye Totem Lightning (Relic Only)
Supernova Lightning Black Dwarf, Hadad, Dream, Zerae's Holy Wrath, Eternal Vigil, Rings
Tempest Lightning Shock And Awe, Thunderdome, Bul Kathos' Temper, Sky Spirit, Fiacla-Gear's Weathervane, Styx, Buriza-Do Tsuru (On Kill), Druid Staves
Thunder Arena Lightning (Relic Only)
Thunderstone Lightning Hide Of The Basilisk, Styx, Amazon Shields
Vortex Lightning Amazon Helms
Amatoxin Poison Amanita, Blacktongue, Astrogha's Moon
Arachnomancy Poison Scales Of The Serpent, Homunculus, Death Pit Stake (On Melee Attack), Webspinner (On Kill), Snakehair (On Striking), Barbarian Shields, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Angel Of Death Poison Malignant Shard
Black Lotus Strike Poison Amulets, Circlets
Curare Poison Last King Of Scosglen
Devouring Cloud Poison Herald Of Pestilence, Amulets
Diseased Cattle Poison (Relic Only)
Emerald Prison Poison Holy Wars
Gamma Field Poison The Demon Core, Edge Of Extinction (On Kill), Oak's Teaching, Druid Staves
Graveyard Poison Herald Of Pestilence, Homunculus, Amazon Spears
Hive Poison Hivemind, Klaatu Barada Nikto, Elemental Band
Hyena Strike Poison The Snake Pit
Infected Roots Poison Demhe, Demhe, Corpsefling (On Kill)
Lorenado Poison Scales Of The Drake, Chrysopelea, Serpent's Tongue, Paladin Helms, Gloves
Miasma Poison Bogspitter, Fangspear (On Melee Attack), Webspinner (On Striking), Melee Weapons
Pestilence Poison Freakshow, Paladin Spears
Punisher Bolt Poison Mr. Painless, Tzeentch, Angel Of Death
Punisher Barrage Poison Warshrike, Rusalka, Tzeentch
Punishers Poison Wrathspirit, Venom Sting, Sherazade, Shockwave, Black Cat, Brawl, Mercy, The Tranquilizer (On Striking), Xorine's Ring (On Kill), Shadowstrike (On Kill), Melee Weapons, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Rotting Flesh Poison Serenthia's Scorn, Malignant Shard, Blacktongue
Snake Bite Poison The Colonel, Bear Grin
Scorpion Blade Poison Skull Of The Viz-Jaq'taar, Beads Of The Snake Queen, Dead Star, Death Touch (On Kill), Creed, Throwing Knives
Venomcloud Totem Poison Malevolence
Venemous Spirit Poison Vipercast (On Kill)
Virulence Poison Scepters, Staves
Arcane Swarm Phys/Magic Atanna Khan's Dress
Arcane Torrent Phys/Magic Dark Guardian, Lincos, Atlantis, Starlight, Melee Weapons
Balefire Phys/Magic Karcheus' Temptation, Special Helms, Barbarian Helms, Melee Weapons, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Blast Wave Phys/Magic Fuse, Dragonstone, (When Attacked) Rockshatter, Big Game Hunter, Armors
Death Ripple Phys/Magic The Angiris Star, Leah's Vision
Detonate Phys/Magic Orb Of Annihilation
Disintegrate Phys/Magic Bone Scalpel Gloves, Boots Belts
Drakemaw Phys/Magic Hellreach, Black Hand Sigil
Dream Eater Phys/Magic (Relic Only)
Energy Beam Phys/Magic The Warped Blade
Exorcism Phys/Magic Shrill Sacrament, Paladin Hammers, Paladin Maces, Paladin Clubs, Necromancer Shields, Amazon Helms
Hurricane Phys/Magic (Relic Only)
Immersion Phys/Magic Manastorm, Starlight
Magic Missiles Phys/Magic Starhawk, Atanna Khan's Dress, Ras Algethi, Melee Weapons, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Mana Sweep Phys/Magic Laadan, Stillwater, (When Attacked) Witchmoon, (On Death Blow) Barbarian Helms
Mind Ripple Phys/Magic Tartarus
Orb Of Annihilation Phys/Magic Cambion, Maleficence, Universal Law, Necromancer Wands
Pain Spirit Phys/Magic Weapons
Psicrown Phys/Magic Glowing Vertigo, Arcane Protection, Circlets
Psionic Storm Phys/Magic Fiend
Rising Dawn Phys/Magic Lyrannikin, Wyand's Perfidy, Assassin Shields, Paladin Maces, Paladin Clubs, Amazon Helms
Searing Orb Phys/Magic Paladin Shields, Assassin Shields, Paladin Clubs, Paladin Maces
Shuriken Flurry Phys/Magic Black Hand Sigil
Singularity Phys/Magic The Point Of No Return, Niradyahk, Empyrean Glory, Stardust, Treachery, Empyrean Band (On Kill)
Tremor Phys/Magic Chthon
Vizjerei Rage Phys/Magic Valthek's Command
Vessel Of Judgement Phys/Magic Sagittarius, Necromancer Shields
Vessel Of Retribution Phys/Magic Sorceress Crystal Swords
War Cry Phys/Magic Voice Of Arreat, Barbarian Shields, Barbarian Swords
Amplify Damage Buff/Debuff/Misc Panthera's Bite
Antimass Buff/Debuff/Misc Crimson Dream
Balance Buff/Debuff/Misc Legionnaire
Bane Buff/Debuff/Misc Xorine's Cane, Assassin Claws
Banish Buff/Debuff/Misc Witching Gloves, Cold Blood, The Awakening, Tinker's Gambit, The Warmage, Crucible, Morthwyrtha, Elemental Ranged Weapons Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons Sorceress Body Armors Amulets
Bear Stance Buff/Debuff/Misc Brahman, Paladin Shields
Bend The Shadows Buff/Debuff/Misc Barbarian Swords
Blink Buff/Debuff/Misc Pax Mystica, Elemental Children
Blood Fury Buff/Debuff/Misc Amazon Helms, Amazon Shields, Sorceress Orbs
Bloodlust Buff/Debuff/Misc Augur's Pelt, The Intrepid, Ker, Shamanka, Gladiator's Rage, Berserrker, Barghest's Howl, Shark, Qarak's Will, Circe, Celestial Sigil, Banner Of Duncraig (On Melee Attack) Sharkbaiter (On Death Blow) Na-Krul's Spine (On Melee Attack), Koth's Lesson, Assassin Claws
Burning Veil Buff/Debuff/Misc Bloodbond (On Kill) Night's Embrace, Gloves
Celerity Buff/Debuff/Misc Dawn, Khattak, Ring Of Disengagement, (On Kill) Vindicatress, (When Struck) Herald Of Skartara, (On Kill) Celestia's Charge, Boots
Charm Buff/Debuff/Misc Shields
Cold Fear Buff/Debuff/Misc Ironsleet, (On Kill) E✓ Of Septumos, Sorceress Body Armors, Necromancer Shields
Colosseum Buff/Debuff/Misc Rathma's Chase Barbarian Swords
Conquest Buff/Debuff/Misc Barbarian Helms
Dark Power Buff/Debuff/Misc Leviathan, Blackheart, Satanic Mantra, Desolation, Necromancer Scythes, Necromancer Daggers
Demon Blood Aura Buff/Debuff/Misc Mendeln's Companion, Vizjerei's Folly, Khazra Plate, Sangreal
Demonic Speed Buff/Debuff/Misc (Relic Only)
Divine Apparition Buff/Debuff/Misc Kabbalah, Sanctuary
Dominate Buff/Debuff/Misc Druid Staves, Druid Helms
Doom Buff/Debuff/Misc Mind Rake, Death Sentence, Black Hand Sigil, Hellspeak, (On Kill) Death Magnet, Killing Vector, Celestial Orchard, Amulets
Eagle Stance Buff/Debuff/Misc Sorceress Orbs
Ecstatic Frenzy Buff/Debuff/Misc Barbarian Shields
Firedance Buff/Debuff/Misc Lorekeeper
Force Blast Buff/Debuff/Misc Atanna's Key, Champion Of The Triune, Overseer's Slippers
Gift Of Celerity Buff/Debuff/Misc Lynx
Gift Of Inner Fire Buff/Debuff/Misc Berserrker, Amok, Weapons
Gift Of The Wild Buff/Debuff/Misc Berserrker, Claw Of The Spirit Wolf, Cheetah, Loa, Celestia's Passion, Spirits Of The Nephalem
Harbinger Buff/Debuff/Misc Maleficence
Harvest Buff/Debuff/Misc Grotesque Bite, Elder Law, Slimedrool, (On Melee Attack)
Holy Fire Buff/Debuff/Misc Paladin Spears
Hounfor Buff/Debuff/Misc Necromancer Staves, Necromancer Shields Necromancer Scythes
Ignis Fatuus Buff/Debuff/Misc Auto Da Fe, (On Melee Attack) Hellrain, Demonic Touch, Path, Armageddon, Fuse, Druid Helms, Paladin Helms Melee Weapons, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Jitan's Gate Buff/Debuff/Misc Moon Of The Spider
Laserblade Buff/Debuff/Misc Assassin Naginatas
Lex Talionis Buff/Debuff/Misc The Last Crusader
Liche Form Buff/Debuff/Misc (Relic Only)
Lifeblood Buff/Debuff/Misc Homunculus, Dagda, Desolation, Heartrend, (On Death Blow) Jackal's Hunger, (On Kill) Flowerspring, (On Kill) Carmen Arvale, (On Kill)
Life Spark Buff/Debuff/Misc Stormstrike, Athulua's Wrath, Thunder King Of Sescheron, Flameskin, Blitzen, Shamo, Hellfire Plate, Svalinn, Duress, Solitude, Elemental One-Handed Melee Weapons, Elemental Two-Handed Melee Weapons Elemental Ranged Weapons
Lightning Shield Buff/Debuff/Misc Nor Tiraj's Wisdom, Bul Kathos' Temper, Hadad, Staves
Lionheart Buff/Debuff/Misc Amazon Spears, Assassin Naginatas
Living Flame Buff/Debuff/Misc Habacalva's Legacy, Vaetia's Wall
Mana Tide Totem Buff/Debuff/Misc Necromancer Staves, Necromancer Crossbows, Necromancer Shields, Necromancer Wands
Mark Of The Wild Buff/Debuff/Misc Invictus, (On Kill) Invictus, (On Kill) Barbarian One-Handed Axes Weapons
Mooncall Buff/Debuff/Misc (Relic Only)
Mountain King Buff/Debuff/Misc Kaskara Of The Taan, Brahman
Mythal Buff/Debuff/Misc Golden Chariot, Astral Blade, Amulets
Nephalem Spirit Buff/Debuff/Misc Silks Of The Victor
Nightmare Buff/Debuff/Misc (Relic Only)
Mega Impact Buff/Debuff/Misc Warmage's Flameshroud
Pagan Rites Buff/Debuff/Misc Feltongue
Pathfinder Buff/Debuff/Misc Colliding Worlds
Psionic Scream Buff/Debuff/Misc Fiend, Maffer's Frenzy
Raven Heart Buff/Debuff/Misc Glacier, Zann Esu's Secrets
Remorseless Winter Buff/Debuff/Misc Azurewrath
Rust Storm Buff/Debuff/Misc Darkspite
Sanguine Covenant Buff/Debuff/Misc Witchblade, Amulets, Scepters, Scythes
Salvation Aura Buff/Debuff/Misc [Esubane
Scepter Mastery Buff/Debuff/Misc Skin Of Kabraxis
Screaming Eagle Buff/Debuff/Misc Dragon Seed Hunter's Claw Fist
Snake Stance Buff/Debuff/Misc Viper Mandate, Raptor
Spark Of Hope Buff/Debuff/Misc Edge, Melee Weapons
Stormlord Buff/Debuff/Misc Arrogance, Shadowfang, Vasily's Following
Shackles Of Ice Buff/Debuff/Misc Icebird, Haareis
Shadow Refuge Buff/Debuff/Misc Paladin Maces
Snow Queen Buff/Debuff/Misc Wintry Majesty, Vaetia's Wall
Spirit Walk Buff/Debuff/Misc (Relic Only)
Spellbind Buff/Debuff/Misc Sarandeshi Hellcaller, Paladin Helms
Starfire Buff/Debuff/Misc Bitter Harvest
Superbeast Buff/Debuff/Misc Panthera's Bite
Tainted Blood Buff/Debuff/Misc Testament Of The Apes
Teleport Buff/Debuff/Misc (Relic Only)
Thunderfury Buff/Debuff/Misc (Relic Only)
Timefield Buff/Debuff/Misc Herfjotur, Kronos, Twisted Mind, Tylwulf's Betrayal
Titan's Fortitude Buff/Debuff/Misc (Relic Only)
Unseelie Curse Buff/Debuff/Misc Rings
Vampiric Icon Buff/Debuff/Misc Rings
Vanquish Buff/Debuff/Misc Shroud Royal
Vengeful Power Buff/Debuff/Misc Vaetia's Wall
Veneration Of Justice Buff/Debuff/Misc Yaerius' Alembic
Vindicate Buff/Debuff/Misc Despondence, Deathwind
Warp Armor Buff/Debuff/Misc Vaetia's Wall, Adamantine Guard, Evanescence, Malthael's Sanctuary
Warp Field Aura Buff/Debuff/Misc Celestial Sigil
Way Of The Gryphon Buff/Debuff/Misc Zular Khan's Tempest, Witchhunter's Attire
Way Of The Phoneix Buff/Debuff/Misc Zular Khan's Tempest, Cerberus
Way Of The Raven Buff/Debuff/Misc Zular Khan's Tempest
Way Of The Spider Buff/Debuff/Misc Warshrike, Zular Khan's Tempest
Ward Of Fate Buff/Debuff/Misc Yaerius' Alembic, Celestia's Passion, Sanctuary
Witch Blood Buff/Debuff/Misc Styx, Shock And Awe
Wolf Stance Buff/Debuff/Misc Barghest's Howl
Abyss Knight Summon (Relic Only)
Blade Spirits Summon Alnair
Blood Skeleton Summon Karybdus' Descent
Champions Of The Sun Summon Herald Of Zakarum, Eloi
Defender Spirit Summon R(Relic Only)
Elemental Totem Summon Sorceress Orbs
Elvensong Summon Colliding Worlds
Fire Elementals Summon (Relic Only)Crown Of Arnazeus
Golden Calf Summon (Relic Only)
Guardian Spirit Summon (Relic Only)
Harvesters Summon Sorceress Body Armors
Ice Elementals Summon Gravetalon, Frozen Heart, Dies Metus
Iron Golem Summon (Relic Only)
Jinn Summon The Warmage
Night Hawks Summon (Relic Only)
Overlord Summon Necromancer Staves
Protector Spirit Summon (Relic Only)
Raven Familiar Summon Horned Hunter
Resurrect Summon Asgardsreia
Sacrifices Summon Rarmor Of The Old Religion, Gallowlaugh, Kronos, Necromancer Scythes, Amazon Spears
Shock Beast Summon Monsterball
Servants Of Valor Summon (Relic Only)
Skeletal Flayer Summon Styx, Dar-Al-Harb
Summon Darklings Summon Dar-Al-Harb, Necromancer Staves, Necromancer Wands, Necromancer Shields
Summon Frostwalker Summon Druid Staves, Barbarian Shields, Barbarian Swords
Summon Glowing Fungus Summon Necromancer Staves, Amazon Shields, Druid Staves
Summon Sinner Summon Necromancer Shields, Necromancer Wands, Amazon Helms, Amazon Shields, Barbarian Shields, Barbarian Swords
Veil King Plague Grasp Summon Shadowfang
Void Archon Summon Rusalka, Satanic Mantra
Wolf Companion Summon Kaskara Of The Taan, Maffer's Frenzy