Wyand's Fervor

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Wyand's Fervor is a sacred unique Hard Leather Armor.


This item used to be quite useful for the Wolf Druid build, but since the Mana Pulse skill was slightly reworked, this item is not as useful anymore.


Defense: (5054-5712) to (5390-6092)
Required Strength: 486
Required Level: 100
15% Ctc lvl 13 Forked Lightning on Melee Attack
+1 to All Skills
20% Faster Run/Walk
60% Increased Attack Speed
Adds 25-50 damage
+(11 to 13)% to Fire Spell Damage
+(11 to 13)% to Lightning Spell Damage
Slows Melee Target by 10%
+(115 to 143)% Enhanced Defense
+(31 to 50) Mana on Striking
Socketed (6)


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