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Viz-Jun is an uberlevel located in the Kurast Bazaar in Act 3.


Vizjun, the mechanised home city of the Viz-Jaq'Taar buit on the ruins of a magical war, recently ran into a major system error. The artificial intelligence, the Master Control System seems to have developed evil sentience as Diablo approached. The computer then constructed a large army of robots to take over the city, its missile silos and from there the world. Those seeking to retake the compound will have to contend with its arsenal of combat drones, minefields and electro-pulse generators.

Points of interest

Vizjun's automated defences will periodically deploy additional robots, chaingun sentries, minefields and nuclear MIRV strikes when players enter the protected zone. The Master Control System, boss of the dungeon, can be found in the southeastern corner.