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Vindicate is the Paladin innate skill which boosts weapon physical damage and heals you and your party. It is also one of the Rogue Mercenary's skills and is available as a proc.

Since Median XL 2017 this skill has undergone a rework and a nerf. To start, in MXL2017 1.1, the skill became a party buff instead of a curse which had been a curse since its introduction. The duration of the skill was also increased to 30 seconds, but no longer is affected by increases to buff duration. In 1.2, its life regeneration was reduced by 10%.

It still remains one of the main buffs that the Paladin maintains mostly due to the life regeneration.



Buff - Heals the party and boosts damage

Innate Skill

(Not affected by skill level bonuses)

Weapon Physical Damage: xx%
Regenerates 100% Life in xx seconds
Duration: 30 seconds

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Vindicate skill can be found on following items: