Venomous Spirit

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Venomous Spirit is an oskill that sends a slow moving spirit from the caster.


Venomous Spirit

Terrifying apparition created from the noxious atmosphere of hell

Item Granted Skill

Enemy Velocity: -10%
Poison Damage: xxx-xxx over xx seconds
Mana Cost: xx

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Venomous Spirit skill can be found on following items:


Venomous Spirit.gif


Older Versions
v004 Added lower level oskills.
Letter Versions
1.A9 RC4 Lorenado replaced Venomous Spirit as a Sorceress skill.
Number Versions
1.99 beta 1 Slightly reduced poison duration.
Median XL Alpha
021 Compressed damage in fixed 0.8 second duration.
019 Instead of a poison resist penalty, now has a cumulative speed penalty.
018 Corrected description.
012 Increased poison damage synergy from 4% to 6% per point.
007 Greatly increased damage.