Uldyssian's Awakening

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Uldyssian's Awakening is a sacred unique Bull Shield.


This shield is rather lackluster aside from the Blink charges. The shield has a base movement penalty of 20% (applies to all Bull Shields) for very little defense compared to other shields, to put it simply, there are better options.


Defense: (1952-2298) to (2102-2475)
Chance to Block: 1%
Required Strength: 208
Required Dexterity: 224
Required Level: 100
(Barbarian Only)
50% Faster Cast Rate
+125 fire damage
+125 lightning damage
+125 cold damage
+(31 to 40)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Damage
+(58 to 86)% Enhanced Defense
+1 to Maximum Barbarian Minions
Increase Maximum Mana 50%
Level 11 Blink (50 Charges)
Requirements -40%
Socketed (4)


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A reference to Uldyssian, the main antagonist in a series of uberquests.