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Trophies are a reward for your hard work and dedication clearing all evil from Sanctuary. Multiple bosses have a 2% chance to drop a trophy when killed on Destruction difficulty. Cube these with their respective charms to add a small bonus.

Image Name Dropped by Drop Rate Description
Akarat Trophy.png Akarat Trophy Akarat 3%

Cube with the Visions of Akarat...
Increase Maximum Life and Mana 5%

Archbishop Lazarus Trophy.png Archbishop Lazarus Trophy Archbishop Lazarus 2%

Cube with the Glorious Book of Median...
+1 to All Skills

Astrogha Trophy.png Astrogha Trophy Astrogha 2%

Cube with the Astrogha's Venom Stinger...
-5% to All Enemy Resistances

Black Road Trophy.png Black Road Trophy Kabraxis 2%

Cube with the Soul of Kabraxis...
2% Reanimate as: Random monster (including Elites)

Cathedral of Light Trophy.png Cathedral of Light Trophy Inarius 2%

Cube with the Idol of Vanity...
+10% Bonus to Summoned Minion Life
+10% Bonus to Summoned Minion Damage

Duncraig Trophy.png Duncraig Trophy Assur 2%

Cube with the Demonsbane...
10% Increased Overall Speed

Heart of Sin Trophy.png Heart of Sin Trophy Azmodan 2%

Cube with the Azmodan's Heart...
+150 to Life
+150 to Mana

Judgement Day Trophy.png Judgement Day Trophy Imperius

Cube with the Crystalline Flame Medallion...
5% Bonus to All Attributes

Kingdom of Shadow Trophy.png Kingdom of Shadow Trophy Juris Khan 2%

Cube with the Eternal Bone Pile...
+1 to All Skills

Legacy of Blood Trophy.png Legacy of Blood Trophy Bartuc 3%

Cube with the Legacy of Blood...
Total Character Defense Plus 15%

Lord Aldric Jitan Trophy.png Lord Aldric Jitan Trophy Lord Aldric Jitan 3%

Cube with the Moon of the Spider...
Enhanced Weapon Damage +25%

Quov Tsin Trophy.png Quov Tsin Trophy Quov Tsin 2%

Cube with the Silver Seal of Ureh...
+8% to Spell Damage

Rathma Square Trophy.png Rathma Square Trophy Lord Primus 2%

Cube with the Spirit Trance Herb...
10% Chance of Uninterruptable Attack

Tran Athulua Trophy.png Tran Athulua Trophy Lycander

Cube with the Sunstone of the Gods...
Damage Reduced by 5%

Triune Trophy.png Triune Trophy Arihan 2%

Cube with the Lucion's Soulstone...
50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Uldyssian's Trophy.png Uldyssian's Trophy Uldyssian 2%

Cube with Uldyssian's Sword...
(1 to 5)% Deadly Strike

Viz-jun Trophy.png Viz-jun Trophy Master Control System 2%

Cube with the Cold Fusion Schematics...
+(5 to 20) to Strength
+(5 to 20) to Dexterity
+(5 to 20) to Vitality
+(5 to 20) to Energy