Totembound Guardian

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Totembound Guardian is an oskill that summons a creature which strengthens in the presence of totems.


Totembound Guardian

Summon the twisted guard dogs of an offensive totem
(Improved when near a frostclaw, fireheart or stormeye totem)

Item Granted Skill

Stun Length: 0.6 seconds
Totembound Guardians: xx
Totembound Guardians: xx (When within 80 yards of an offensive totem)
Life: xxxxx Hit Points
Damage: xxx-xxx
Mana Cost: xxx

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Totembound Guardian skill can be found on following items:


Totembound Guardian.png


Older Versions
Letter Versions
1.F9 Now available as necromancer oskills. (Removed from Necromancer Totem Tree)
1.D9 Now a level 6 skill. (Formerly part of Necromancer Totem Tree)