Torajan Jungles

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The Torajan Jungles is a vast jungle uberlevel, accessible from the Kurast Docks via an entrance located near Alkor. Alongside Caldeum, it serves as a hub for uberquests located in Act 3.


The Torajan Jungles are immense, verdant, teeming jungles that span most of the southwestern expanse of Sanctuary's eastern continent. This region is a strange and exotic place, filled with vibrant and dangerous flora and fauna. The jungles have cultivated many civilizations, many of which have been lost to the annals of time. The only known survivors being the Umbaru tribes of the Teganze region.

Points of interest

The Torajan Jungles is home to entrances to a few other uberlevels:

In addition, the prophet Akarat and his followers can be found if one reaches the extreme southern tip of the jungles.

Drop bias

Increased chance to drop signets.