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Thorn Strike is a Druid Treewarden skill tree projectile attack which shoots out spikes from the ground in front of the player at nearby enemies.

Prior to Median XL 2017 1.1.3, this skill was notoriously weak compared to its predecessor, Pummel, due to the presence of Next Delay (0 ND means the skill can hit every frame, Diablo 2 runs at 25 frames per second) which greatly impacts the ability of multihitting skills to deal damage. In 1.1 it was a similar story but it received a few buffs: bonus physical damage increased, weapon damage increased, and number of hits per attack increased. It still wasn't particularly strong, but with the arrival of 1.1.3, however, this skill turned into the highest WDM (Weapon Damage Modifier) damage skill in Median caused by the removal of next delay from this skill and a WDM increase to 75%. In 1.2, this skill was slightly nerfed by having its total hits per attack reduced and weapon damage decreased to 66% where it currently stands today. Despite the nerf, it remains the strongest WDM skill currently.

Due to being a WDM skill, it can trigger on striking procs making Nimmenjuushin one of the best weapons for the Treewarden build and for this skill. It does not have to be triggered by landing a melee attack, thus on melee attack procs and life/mana on attack do not work.

This skill is typically only a one-pointer due to its already extraordinarily high damage and increasing mana cost. However for some ubers it is sometimes maxed to maximize physical damage potential, usually for bosses that teleport after being struck.


Thorn Strike

Projectile - Impale your enemies on a burst of spines
Requires an axe or mace

66% Weapon Damage

Physical Damage: +xx
Mana Cost: xx

+15% More Bonus Damage per Base Level

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Thorn Strike skill can be found on following items:


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Median XL 2017
1.0 Skill was introduced and replaced pummel.
1.1 Bonus physical damage increased, weapon damage increased, number of hits per attack increased
1.1.3 No longer has next delay, weapon damage increased to 75%
1.2 Reduced lag. Total hits per attack reduced (Next Delay is still zero), weapon damage is now 66%