The Sisters

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Act 1 Mercenary

Weakened by the prolonged siege, the Sisters of the Sightless Eye may not be in fighting condition. But help them liberate the Monastery and watch them rise and shine.


Starts with 30 energy, +6 energy per level

Defensive Harmony: slows attackers by 25%, +1% per 5 levels

Ranger Skills

Lvl Name Effect
1 CASCADE Effect: shoots arrows at all nearby enemies
24 WRAITH ARROW Effect: arrow that unleashes homing spirits
24 BROADSIDE Effect: fires a massive stream of arrows at nearby enemies
90 WAR SPIRIT Effect: adds crushing blow and automatically casts spike novas

Priestess Skills

Lvl Name Effect
1 SPORE SHOT Effect: arrow that exponentially splits on striking
24 VINDICATE Curse effect: heals party and increases damage when victim dies
24 DEATHSTRIKE Effect: mercenary shoots her bow and calls down an energy blast
90 TREMOR Effect: all visible enemies lose 25% of their current life