The Iron Wolves

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Act 3 Mercenary

Kehjistan is the wellspring of magic. This is where the first magically attuned hunter-gatherers settled at ley nodes and founded the primeval mage clans. Their distant sons of seventh sons will not give up the ley nodes to the forces of Hell without giving them hell first!


Starts with 200 energy, +20 energy per level

Unearthly Power: +250 energy factor to spell damage, +5 per level

Warp Armor: total defense +250%, +10% per level

Bloodmage Skills

Lvl Name Effect

1 PUNISHER Effect: slow moving bolt that deals lethal poison damage
12 GIFT OF INNER FIRE Effect: instantly regenerates the party's lost life
24 PYROBLAST Effect: giant fireball that explodes in a pool of flame
90 GRAVEYARD Effect: periodically shoots punishers at nearby enemies

Necrolyte Skills

Lvl Name Effect

1 HUNTING BANSHEE Effect: spirit follows random targets before exploding
12 MIASMA Effect: field of living goo that poisons and weakens enemies
24 HAILSTORM Effect: rains deadly cold on target enemy
90 VENOMOUS SPIRIT Effect: casts a powerful homing spirit of lethal poison

Abjurer Skills

Lvl Name Effect

1 FORKED LIGHTNING Effect: cast multiple forked lightning bolts
12 SINGULARITY Effect: massively damaging black hole
24 SUPERNOVA Effect: cast a gigantic nova of lightning
90 SUPERBEAST Effect: morph into a demon, gain spell damage and speed