The Flying Saucer

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The Flying Saucer is a sacred unique Small Shield.


One of the best shields for the Treewarden build thanks to its procs and extremely high faster run/walk.


Defense: (3545-4007) to (3818-4315)
Chance to Block: 1% + class%
Required Strength: 463
Required Dexterity: 499
Required Level: 100
2% Ctc lvl 41 Cryo Beam on Striking
10% Ctc lvl 38 Supernova on Kill
150% Faster Run/Walk
1% Increased Chance of Blocking
-(22 to 28)% to Enemy Cold Resistance
-(22 to 28)% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
+(115 to 143)% Enhanced Defense
Damage Reduced by 5%
Socketed (6)


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