Strength Beyond Strength

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Strength Beyond Strength is a sacred unique Gothic Plate.


Possibly the best armor in Median XL for almost all melee builds thanks to the high life leech, deadly strike chance, on striking proc, area effect attack attribute and reduction in target defense. This item is among the hardest items to find and very much in demand if put on sale making it extremely valuable.


Defense: (7580-8361) to (9196-10143)
Required Strength: 614
Required Level: 100
Area Effect Attack
1% Ctc lvl 36 Pyroblast on Striking
Adds 25-38 damage
-10% Target Defense
150% bonus to Attack Rating
+150% Damage to Demons
25% Life stolen per Hit
10% Deadly Strike
+(172 to 200)% Enhanced Defense
1% Reanimate as: Inarius
-5 to Light Radius
Socketed (6)


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