Skin of Kabraxis

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Skin of Kabraxis is a sacred unique Plate Mail.


This item is not particularly useful because not only can better stats be found on other items, the physical damage reduction decrease completely ruins this item.


Defense: (7656 to 8119)
Required Strength: 576
Required Level: 100
33% Ctc lvl 29 Fire Splash on Melee Attack
Strength Damage Bonus: (10/256 per Strength)%
+100% Damage to Demons
+5000 Defense
+150 to Strength
+100 Fire Absorb
Damage Reduction Decreased by -25%
+200 Life after each Demon Kill
-10 to Light Radius
Level 19 Pagan Rites (20 Charges)
Socketed (6)


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A reference to Kabraxis, the Thief of Hope.