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Below is the List of all skills that can be found in this game.

Character Skills

Skill Type Found as Character
Sun Strike Fire Class Skill, Oskill Amazon
Barrage Class Skill, Oskill Amazon
Phalanx Class Skill Amazon
Dragonlore Passive Class Skill, Oskill Amazon
Wyrmshot Class Skill, Oskill Amazon
Takedown Physical Class Skill, Oskill Amazon
Hyena Strike Poison Class Skill, Oskill Amazon
Great Hunt Magic Class Skill Amazon
Lioness Passive Class Skill Amazon
Pounce Warp Strike Class Skill Amazon
Moonbeam Class Skill Amazon
Ricochet Class Skill Amazon
Enfilade Class Skill Amazon
Moon Queen Passive Class Skill, Oskill Amazon
Fairy Ring Fire Class Skill Amazon
Magic Missiles Magic Class Skill Amazon
Balefire Magic Class Skill, Oskill, Proc Amazon
Bloodstorm Fire Class Skill Amazon
Bacchanalia Passive Class Skill Amazon
Lava Pit Fire Class Skill Amazon
Thundercrack Lightning Class Skill Amazon
Stormcall Physical & Lightning Class Skill, Oskill Amazon
Hammer of Zerae Lightning Class Skill Amazon
Asterism Passive Class Skill Amazon
Magnetic Field Lightning Class Skill Amazon
Wild and Free Passive Class Skill, Oskill Amazon
Fire Elementals Summoning Class Skill Amazon
Balance Passive Class Skill Amazon
Ecstatic Frenzy Buff Class Skill, Oskill Amazon
Defensive Harmony Passive Class Skill Amazon
Curare Poison [Passive] Class Skill Amazon
Paragon Passive Class Skill Amazon
Spirit of Vengeance Summoning Class Skill Amazon
Spellbind Debuff Class Skill Amazon
War Spirit Buff Class Skill Amazon
Bloodlust Buff Class Skill, Oskill, Proc Amazon
Crucify Class Skill, Proc Assassin
Batstrike Magic Class Skill Assassin
Twin Fang Strike Fire & Poison Class Skill Assassin
Shadow Dancer Passive Class Skill Assassin
Noctule Class Skill Assassin
Scorpion Blade Poison Class Skill, Oskill Assassin
Storm Crows Physical Class Skill Assassin
Maelstrom Mk. V Fire Class Skill Assassin
Wychwind Class Skill, Oskill Assassin
Broadside Class Skill Assassin
Backstab Physical [Buff] Class Skill Assassin
Shadow Refuge Physical [Buff] Class Skill, Oskill Assassin
Barrier Strike Class Skill Assassin
Laserblade Passive Class Skill Assassin
Hades Gate Class Skill, Proc Assassin
Blink Warp Class Skill, Oskill Assassin
Way of the Spider Poison [Passive] Class Skill, Oskill Assassin
Queen of Blades Class Skill Assassin
Way of the Phoenix Fire [Passive] Class Skill, Oskill Assassin
Perfect Being Passive Class Skill, Oskill Assassin
Shuriken Flurry Physical & Magic Class Skill, Proc Assassin
Psionic Storm Magic Class Skill, Oskill Assassin
Psionic Scream Debuff Class Skill Assassin
Singularity Class Skill, Oskill, Proc Assassin
Doom Debuff Class Skill, Oskill, Proc Assassin
Cluster Bomb Class Skill Assassin
Electrofield Sentry Class Skill Assassin
Limpet Laser Cold Class Skill Assassin
Fireball Sentry Fire Class Skill Assassin
Tiefling Form Morph Class Skill Assassin
Beacon Class Skill, Oskill, Proc Assassin
Way of the Gryphon Lightning [Passive] Class Skill Assassin
Phase Bomb Class Skill Assassin
Vampiric Icon Class Skill, Proc Assassin
Prismatic Cloak Passive Class Skill Assassin
Bloodbath Class Skill Assassin
Earthquake Class Skill, Oskill, Proc Barbarian
Iron Spiral Class Skill Barbarian
Stormblast Class Skill Barbarian
Windform Class Skill Barbarian
Daedalus Passive Class Skill Barbarian
Blood Hatred Class Skill Barbarian
Deathgaze Class Skill Barbarian
Iceburst Class Skill Barbarian
Thunder Slam Class Skill, Oskill Barbarian
Shower of Rocks Class Skill, Oskill, Proc Barbarian
Bear Claw Class Skill Barbarian
Stampede Class Skill Barbarian
Rebound Class Skill Barbarian
Screaming Eagle Class Skill Barbarian
Overkill Class Skill Barbarian
Guardian Spirit Summoning Class Skill Barbarian
Defender Spirit Summoning Class Skill, Oskill Barbarian
Protector Spirit Summoning Class Skill, Oskill Barbarian
Shamanic Trance Buff Class Skill, Oskill Barbarian
Spirit Walk Warp Class Skill Barbarian
Wolf Companion Summoning Class Skill, Oskill Barbarian
Ancient Blood Passive Class Skill, Oskill Barbarian
Fortress Class Skill, Oskill Barbarian
Spirit Guide Class Skill Barbarian
Mountain King Passive Class Skill, Oskill Barbarian
Lion Stance Class Skill, Oskill Barbarian
Snake Stance Class Skill, Oskill Barbarian
Bear Stance Class Skill, Oskill Barbarian
Eagle Stance Class Skill, Oskill Barbarian
Wolf Stance Class Skill, Oskill Barbarian
Nephalem Spirit Summoning Class Skill Barbarian
Runemaster Passive Class Skill Barbarian
Gladiator's Dominance Passive Class Skill, Oskill Barbarian
Immortal Passive Class Skill Barbarian
Thundergod Buff Class Skill Barbarian
Titan Strike Class Skill, Oskill Barbarian
Treewarden Form Morph Class Skill Druid
Thorn Strike Class Skill, Oskill Druid
Wildfire Fire Class Skill Druid
Circle of Life Passive Class Skill Druid
Idol of Scosglen Buff Class Skill Druid
Trap Rat Form Morph Class Skill Druid
Quill Storm Class Skill Druid
Egg Trap Class Skill Druid
Ferocity Passive Class Skill Druid
Thorn Wall Class Skill Druid
Werewolf Form Morph Class Skill Druid
Mana Pulse Class Skill Druid
Harbinger Warp Class Skill Druid
Feed the Pack Passive Class Skill Druid
Twisted Claw Class Skill Druid
Elemental Fire Class Skill, Oskill, Proc Druid
Hunting Banshee Cold Class Skill, Proc Druid
Pagan Rites Class Skill Druid
Rain of Fire Fire Class Skill Druid
Freezing Gale Cold Class Skill Druid
Poison Flash Poison Class Skill, Oskill, Proc Druid
Elvensong Class Skill Druid
Plague Avatar Poison Class Skill, Oskill, Proc Druid
Mythal Debuff Class Skill, Oskill Druid
Acid Fiends Summoning Class Skill, Oskill Druid
Laughing Ghost Class Skill Druid
Cascade Class Skill, Proc Druid
Spore Shot Class Skill, Oskill Druid
Elfin Weapons Passive Class Skill, Oskill Druid
Nova Shot Fire Class Skill, Oskill Druid
Force of Nature Passive Class Skill Druid
Faerie Fire Buff Class Skill Druid
Tremor Magic Class Skill Druid
Symbiosis Buff Class Skill Druid
Lifeshield Passive Class Skill Druid
Mark of the Wild Buff Class Skill, Oskill Druid
Death's Fury Totem Summoning Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Frostclaw Totem Summoning Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Fireheart Totem Summoning Class Skill Necromancer
Howling Totem Summoning Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Stormeye Totem Summoning Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Embalming Passive Class Skill Necromancer
Sacrifices Summoning Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Bend the Shadows Warp Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Bane Debuff Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Talon's Hold Passive Class Skill Necromancer
Skeletal Flayer Summoning Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Rampagor Summoning Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Lamia Summoning Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Veil King Summoning Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Void Archon Summoning Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Funeral Pyre Fire Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Rotting Flesh Poison Class Skill Necromancer
Boneyard Physical & Magic Class Skill Necromancer
Nightwalker Passive Class Skill Necromancer
Pestilence Poison Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Carnage Fire Class Skill Necromancer
Parasite Physical & Magic Class Skill Necromancer
Famine Passive Class Skill Necromancer
Angel of Death Poison Class Skill Necromancer
Deathlord Morph Class Skill Necromancer
Flametail Shot Physical Class Skill Necromancer
Death Shards Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Dragonfire Oil Fire [Passive] Class Skill Necromancer
Fragmentation Shot Class Skill Necromancer
Widowmaker Class Skill Necromancer
Jinn Summoning Class Skill Necromancer
Rathma's Chosen Class Skill Necromancer
Death Ward Passive Class Skill Necromancer
Black Mass Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Graveyard Buff Class Skill, Oskill Necromancer
Burning Veil Buff Class Skill Necromancer
Retaliate Magic Class Skill Paladin
Divine Judgment Class Skill, Oskill Paladin
Plague Poison [Passive] Class Skill, Oskill Paladin
Dragonheart Buff Class Skill Paladin
Colosseum Warp Strike Class Skill, Oskill Paladin
Vessel of Retribution Physical Class Skill Paladin
Rapture Buff Class Skill, Oskill Paladin
Solstice and Equinox Passive Class Skill Paladin
Sacred Armor Buff Class Skill Paladin
Hoplite Summoning Class Skill Paladin
Solar Flare Fire [Buff] Class Skill Paladin
Drakemaw Magic Class Skill Paladin
Frozen Breath Cold Class Skill Paladin
Incarnation Passive Class Skill Paladin
Dragon Wyrms Fire Class Skill Paladin
Terror Strike Physical [Buff] Class Skill, Oskill Paladin
Lemures Cold Class Skill Paladin
Black Sleep Conversion Class Skill Paladin
Blood Thorns Fire Class Skill, Oskill Paladin
Hymn Buff Class Skill Paladin
Vessel of Justice Physical Class Skill Paladin
Euphoria Buff Class Skill Paladin
Life and Death Passive Class Skill Paladin
Demiurge Buff Class Skill Paladin
Scourge Summoning Class Skill Paladin
Tainted Blood Buff Class Skill, Oskill, Proc Paladin
Mind Flay Lightning Class Skill, Oskill, Proc Paladin
Symphony of Destruction Buff Class Skill Paladin
Slayer Magic Class Skill, Oskill Paladin
Stormlord Passive Class Skill, Oskill Paladin
Dragonknight Morph Class Skill Paladin
Superbeast Morph Class Skill Paladin
Resurrect Summoning Class Skill Paladin
Divine Apparition Warp Class Skill Paladin
Blessed Life Passive Class Skill Paladin
Vindicate Buff Class Skill Paladin
Flamefront Fire Class Skill, Proc Sorceress
Living Flame Passive Class Skill, Oskill Sorceress
Flamestrike Fire Class Skill Sorceress
Pyroblast Fire Class Skill Sorceress
Firedance Buff Class Skill, Proc Sorceress
Forked Lightning Lightning Class Skill, Oskill, Proc Sorceress
Thunderstone Lightning Class Skill, Oskill, Proc Sorceress
Tempest Lightning Class Skill, Oskill, Proc Sorceress
Warp Armor Passive Class Skill, Oskill Sorceress
Nova Charge Buff Class Skill, Oskill Sorceress
Frigid Sphere Cold Class Skill Sorceress
Shatter the Flesh Cold Class Skill Sorceress
Snow Queen Passive Class Skill Sorceress
Abyss Cold Class Skill, Oskill Sorceress
Ice Elementals Summoning Class Skill Sorceress
Lorenado Poison Class Skill, Oskill Sorceress
Vengeful Power Passive Class Skill Sorceress
Miasma Debuff Class Skill Sorceress
Arachnomancy Poison Class Skill, Oskill, Proc Sorceress
Hive Buff Class Skill, Oskill Sorceress
Immersion Feedback Class Skill Sorceress
Familiar Summoning Class Skill Sorceress
Arcane Torrent Magic Class Skill Sorceress
Mana Sweep Feedback Class Skill Sorceress
Antimass Buff Class Skill Sorceress
Moonstrike Physical & Magic Class Skill Sorceress
Wraithsword Physical Class Skill Sorceress
Fusillade Physical Class Skill Sorceress
Blade Spirits Summoning Class Skill Sorceress
Bladestorm Magic Class Skill Sorceress
Chronofield Debuff Class Skill Sorceress
Witch Blood Passive Class Skill Sorceress
Baneblade Buff Class Skill Sorceress
Symbol of Esu Passive Class Skill Sorceress
Force Blast Debuff Class Skill Sorceress
Force Wall Debuff Class Skill Sorceress
Apocalypse Fire Oskill, Proc
Arrow Swarm Oskill
ATMG Physical Oskill
Avalanche Cold
Black Lotus Strike Poison Oskill
Blast Wave
Brimstone Fire
Cherub Strike
Churel Cold Oskill
Cold Fear -
Countdown Cold
Death Blossom
Death Ray
Devouring Cloud Poison Oskill
Disintegrate Oskill
Elemental Totem Summoning Oskill
Emerald Prison Poison Oskill
Fire Cascade Fire Oskill
Gamma Field Poison Oskill, Proc
Glacial Nova Cold Oskill, Proc
Hailstorm Cold Oskill
Hawk Talon
Inner Fire Healing Oskill, Proc
Lightning Arena Lightning Oskill
Lightning Wall Lightning Oskill, Proc
Meteor Shower Fire Oskill, Proc
Ohman Oskill
Path of Flames Fire Oskill
Pentagram Fire Oskill, Proc
Phoenix Wave Fire
Psicrown Magic Oskill
Punisher Poison Oskill, Proc
Ring of Light Fire
Rising Dawn Magic Oskill, Proc
Rune of Fire Fire Proc
Rune of ice Cold Proc
Shackles of Ice Cold Oskill, Proc
Shadow Avatar Cold
Shock Flower
Static Lance Lightning
Stormfront Fire
Summon Darkling Summoning
Tantrum Physical
Time Wave Oskill
Vortex Lightning
Whirlpool Oskill
Wyrd Oskill
Ancients' Hand Fire Oskill, Proc
Bloodspeaker's Mark
Cautious Strike Oskill
Claw Tornado Physical Oskill, Proc
Clobber Oskill
Conquest Oskill
Feral Strike
Fowl Fight Oskill
Hamstring Oskill
Overpower Oskill
Ravage Oskill
Rock Shock
Spin to Win Oskill
Spiral Dance Physical/Magic Oskill
Thorn Field
Time Strike Oskill
Whirlpool Oskill, Proc
Ambush Oskill
Cyclone Oskill
Deathstrike Oskill, Proc
Guided Chain Oskill
Scattershot Oskill
Silver Dart Oskill
Squall Gust Oskill
Wraith Arrow
Maelstrom Oskill
Shadow Blade
Slicer Blade Oskill
Blade Barrier
Death Shards
Disco Inferno Oskill, Proc
Guard Tower
SMG Oskill
Bloodstar Oskill
Cataclysm Oskill
Fire Fountain Oskill
Holy Trap Proc
Immolation Bomb Oskill, Proc
Powder Keg Fire Oskill
Pyroclastic Flow Oskill, Proc
Rain of Bombs
Splitfire Oskill
Cone of Cold Oskill, Proc
Cryo Beam Oskill, Proc
Frostfire Wave
Frozen Crown
Frozen Soul Oskill
Ice Beam Oskill
Ice Bolt Nova Cold Oskill, Proc
Ice Whirl
Winter Avatar Cold Oskill, Proc
Flash Lightning Oskill, Proc
Nova Bomb Lightning Oskill, Proc
Static Lance Lightning Oskill
Static Spike Lightning Oskill
Static Ward Lightning Oskill
Stormfront Lightning Oskill
Supernova Lightning Oskill, Proc
Amatoxin Passive Oskill
Diseased Cattle Poison Oskill, Proc
Razor Spines
Venomous Spirit Oskill, Proc
Energy Beam Oskill, Proc
Hail of Stones Oskill, Proc
Orb of Annihilation Oskill
Pain Spirit Oskill, Proc
Raven Flight
Raven Heart Buff Oskill
Rune of Mana Oskill
Searing Orb Oskill
Typhoon Sentry Oskill
Blood Flash Oskill
Death Coil Oskill
Mana Coil Oskill
Blood Fury Oskill, Proc
Dark Power Buff Oskill, Proc
Demonic Speed Oskill, Proc
Hounfor Buff Oskill
Lightning Shield Buff Oskill
Vanquish Buff Oskill
Crane Stance Stance Oskill
Kraken Stance Stance Oskill
Banish Debuff Oskill, Proc
Nightmare Debuff Oskill
Charm Conversion Oskill, Proc
Dire Charm Conversion Oskill, Proc
Dominate Conversion Oskill, Proc
Sky Siege Oskill
Body of the Savior
Call Leprechaun Summoning Oskill
Call Scavengers Summoning Oskill
Call Treewarden Summoning Oskill, Proc
Champion of the Sun Summoning Oskill
Golden Calf Oskill
Summon Avalanche Summoning Oskill
Summon Bane Monster Summoning Oskill
Summon Corpse Summoning Oskill, Proc
Summon Fallen Summoning Oskill
Summon Glowing Fungus Summoning Oskil
Summon Overlord Summoning Oskill
Summon Shock Beast Summoning Oskill
Summon Shredder Summoning Oskill
Summon Sinner Summoning Oskill
Summon Sirens Summoning Oskill
Summon Thunder Bear Summoning Oskill
Totembound Guardian Summoning Oskill
Dead Wall Totem Summoning Oskill
Devil's Fang Totem Summoning Oskill
Exploding Totem Summoning Oskill
Fear Bomb Totem Summoning Oskill
Mana Tide Totem Summoning Oskill
Dark Portal Oskill
Jitan's Gate Warp Oskill
Purify Oskill
Summon Edyrem Summoning Oskill
Arrow Proc
Javelin Proc
Throwing Knife Proc
Flurry of Javelins Proc
Javelin Nova Proc
Hammertime Proc
Spike Nova Proc
Thunder Hammer Proc
Thunder Wave Proc
Crater Proc
Death of a God Proc
Fire Bolt Nova Proc
Fire Cannonade Fire Proc
Fire Splash Proc
Frog Prince Proc
Shadowstorm Proc
Static Trap Proc
Trinity Nova Proc
Death Star Proc
Death Spiral Proc
Slayer Bolt Proc
Celerity Buff Proc
Gift of Celerity Buff Proc
Gift of Inner Fire Buff Proc
Gift of the Wild Buff Proc
Gift of the Vanquishing Proc
Lifeblood Buff Proc
Rust Storm Proc
Demon Blood Aura Proc
Call Blood Golem Proc
Call Henchmen Proc
Call Necrobot Proc
Pandemonium Proc
Unseelie Curse Debuff Proc
  • Note: This page is incomplete and is still missing some of the skills.