Siggard's Revenge

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Siggard's Revenge is a sacred unique Parma.


A very valuable shield for assassins thanks to its high base chance of blocking. However it is very rare due to being a secret sacred unique.


Defense: (2687-3037) to (3020-3414)
Chance to Block: 6%
Required Strength: 480
Required Dexterity: 529
Required Level: 100
(Assassin Only)
2% Increased Chance of Blocking
(101 to 150)% Bonus to Attack Rating
+(301 to 350)% Damage to Demons
10% Chance of Crushing Blow
+(115 to 143)% Enhanced Defense
-50 to Strength
+150 to Dexterity
5% Reanimate as: Ghost Zombie
+(101 to 150) Life after each Demon Kill
Socketed (4)


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