Shedding Skin

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Shedding Skin is a sacred unique Studded Leather.


One of the best armors for fire based caster builds like the Holy Caster Paladin (for Dragon Wyrms) thanks to the spell damage and high fire pierce.


Defense: (5475-6145) to (5907-6633)
Required Strength: 499
Required Level: 100
100% Ctc lvl 5 Cow Rush when you Die
+(1 to 2) to All Skills
20% Increased Attack Speed
30% Faster Hit Recovery
+(25 to 38)% to Fire Spell Damage
-35% to Enemy Fire Resistance
+(115 to 143)% Enhanced Defense
+333 Defense
+5% to Maximum Fire Resist
3% Reanimate as: Fireblood
+(20 to 30) Life after each Kill
Socketed (6)


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