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Shadowtwin is a sacred unique Fanged Helm.


One of the best helms for the Summon Barbarian build thanks to its minion stats and the ability to summon Veil King. Combined with Bear Stance and Shamanic Trance, the Veil King can gain physical damage immunity and a very high amount of life.


Defense: (2978-3285) to (3149-3474)
Required Strength: 446
Required Level: 100
(Barbarian Only)
+2 to Barbarian Skill Levels
+(49 to 55) to Veil King
+(31 to 40)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Resistances
+(41 to 50)% Bonus to Summoned Minion Life
+(172 to 200)% Enhanced Defense
+500 to Mana
Cold Resist +100%
+250 Mana after each Kill
Socketed (4)


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