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There are 41 sets in Median XL, containing 204 set items.

Sacred Sets Only!
There are no low level sets. All set items are sacred and drop only in some uber areas of the Terror difficulty and anywhere in Destruction difficulty - with the exception of some items from the 2 Yashrii Uberquest sets, which drop only there (bosses and guards). Sets in Median XL are advanced equipment for high level heroes.

All set items come with the maximum allowed number of sockets for the item type.

If an item has a skill bonus with no character class requirement (eg. +(7 to 10) to Elemental Totem), then the bonus is an 'oskill' (open skill), giving this skill to any class for free.

List of Sets

Class Name Build Number of Pieces Rarity
Any Brotherhood of the Horadrim Quest (Minions) 5 Rare
Any Brotherhood of the Vizjerei Quest (Bosses) 5 Rare
Any Curse of the Zakarum Fire 5 Rare
Any Henchmen Trophies Elements 5 Rare
Any Testament of the Apes Crossbow 5 Rare
Amazon Celestia's Myth Spear 5 Common
Amazon Pantheon Bow 5 Uncommon
Amazon Red Vex' Embrace Blood 5 Common
Amazon Vasily's Following Javelin 5 Uncommon
Amazon Zerae's Divinity Storm 5 Uncommon
Assassin Creed Throw 5 Common
Assassin The Snake Pit Melee 5 Uncommon
Assassin Universal Law Psychic 5 Uncommon
Assassin Vizjun's Devices Bomb 5 Uncommon
Assassin Witchhunter's Attire Elemental 5 Uncommon
Barbarian Big Game Hunter Throw 5 Uncommon
Barbarian Gathering of the Tribes Two-Hand 5 Uncommon
Barbarian Mount Arreat Gladiator 5 Uncommon
Barbarian Spirits of the Nephalem Shaman 5 Uncommon
Barbarian Tundra Walker Berserker 5 Common
Druid Caoi Dulra Bow 5 Uncommon
Druid Last King of Scosglen Treewarden 5 Common
Druid Lone Wolf's Path Elements 5 Common
Druid Marchosias' Essence Werewolf 5 Uncommon
Druid Rainbow Warrior Trap Rat 5 Common
Necromancer Achilios' Wake Crossbow 5 Common
Necromancer Archbishop Lazarus Summoner 4 Rare
Necromancer Celestial Orchard Malice 5 Common
Necromancer Rathma's Empire Melee 5 Uncommon
Necromancer Satanic Mantra Summoner 5 Uncommon
Necromancer The Towerlord Totem 5 Common
Paladin Cinadide's Craft Holy Melee 5 Uncommon
Paladin Hadriel's Lore Holy Caster 5 Uncommon
Paladin Imperius' Edict Unholy Caster 5 Common
Paladin Malthael's Sanctuary Unholy Melee 5 Common
Paladin Yaerius' Grey Omen Neutral 5 Uncommon
Sorceress Adria's Circle Poison 5 Uncommon
Sorceress Elemental Children Lightning 5 Common
Sorceress The Mysteries Melee 5 Uncommon
Sorceress The Warmage Fire 5 Common
Sorceress Zann Esu's Secrets Cold 5 Uncommon