Scales of the Serpent

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Scales of the Serpent is a sacred unique Gothic Plate.


One of the best armors for poison based melee builds (Pounce Amazon and Holy Melee Paladin) thanks to the high poison pierce.


Defense: (6800-7552) to (8249-9162)
Required Strength: 614
Required Level: 100
15% Ctc lvl 40 Arachnomancy on Melee Attack
8% Ctc lvl 12 Time Strike on Striking
+150% Damage to Undead
Adds 200-300 poison damage over 2s
-35% to Enemy Poison Resistance
5% Chance of Crushing Blow
Enhanced Weapon Damage +(41 to 50)%
+(144 to 171)% Enhanced Defense
+100 to Strength
+50 Life on Attack
(31 to 40)% Chance of Uninterruptable Attack
Socketed (6)


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