Rain of Bombs

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Rain of Bombs icon.gif

Rain of Bombs is an oskill that sends rains bombs down on a target area.


Rain of Bombs

Pound the target area with a hail of explosives

Item Granted Skill

20 Bombs
Fire Damage: xxx-xxx
Mana Cost: xxx

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Rain of Bombs skill can be found on following items:


Rain of Bombs.gif


Older Versions
Letter Versions
1.Z9 Reduced the level of Rain of Bombs as an oskill affix.
1.D9 Psionic Storm replaces Rain of Bombs as a level 18 Assassin skill.
Median XL Alpha
019 Fixed damage display.
Median 2008
1.55 Increased fire damage synergy from 4% to 6% per point.