Plane of Pride

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The Plane of Pride is the eighth and penultimate area of the Void complex. It consists of a large number of floating platforms which are connected to each other via teleport pads. Lightning bolts zap around this area, which deal significant damage on contact with players; their number scales with that of summoned minions. Unlike the bosses of the previous areas, the Soul of Pride only has a 25% chance to spawn at the end of this zone, which also has a one-way portal leading to the Void, the boss room which gives its name to the complex. The Soul of Pride drops the Ring of Pride, a component of the Sigil of the 7 Deadly Sins which is needed to fight the main boss of the complex. The areas in this complex are home to slow-moving chests that spawn Darkspawns, and are the only places in the game where Enchanting Crystals might be found.