Pestilence (armor)

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Pestilence (armor) is a sacred unique Cap.


The viability of this item heavily depends on the reanimate chance with 0% being preferred. The reasoning for this is because the Hemoplague's multiplying ability does summons more hemoplagues, but they are hostile and can quickly kill you.


Defense: (1863-2207) to (1885-2233)
Required Strength: 456
Required Level: 100
1% Ctc lvl 23 Gift of the Wild on Kill
Adds 7-19 damage
150% bonus to Attack Rating
+10% to Spell Damage
+(57 to 86)% Enhanced Defense
All Resists +(21 to 25)%
Damage Reduced by 5%
(0 to 5)% Reanimate as: Hemoplague
+(25 to 50) Life after each Kill
50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Socketed (4)


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